IPO Performance Analysis 2018 - Listing Day Gain & Post-IPO Performance

The IPO Performance Analysis 2018 for listing day gain (IPO performance first day). Also, find the post-IPO performance of mainboard IPO's in India 2018. The performance after IPO considers the IPO price and the current market price.

Initial Public Offer (IPO) is used by privately held companies to raise funds from the public and get listed at the stock exchanges. 100's of companies get listed at BSE and NSE through IPO route. Some IPO company shares have higher demand in public. This result in oversubscription of the IPO and listing day gains.

Find the biggest IPO gainers and top looser IPO of 2018. Compare companies by their IPO listing day performance and post-IPO performance (gain/loss as per the current market price of company shares).

The yearly IPO performance analysis report is to check IPO performance of the last 5 years, first year IPO performance of the company and best IPO performance.

IPO Performance Analysis 2018 - Listing Day Gain & Post-IPO Performance

Company Name Listing Date Issue Price (Rs) Listing Day - Close Price (Rs) Listing Day Gain / Loss (%) Current Price
at BSE (Rs)
Current Price
at NSE (Rs)
Gain / Loss (%) Recommendation by Dilip Davda
Aavas Financiers LimitedOct 08, 2018821773.15-5.831896.71901.75131.02sub_long
Amber Enterprises India LimitedJan 30, 20188591237.2544.032017.12023.25134.82subscribe
Apollo Micro Systems LimitedJan 22, 2018275454.165.13333.25333.0521.18subscribe
Aster DM Healthcare LtdFeb 26, 2018190179.85-5.34215.4214.9513.37sub_long
Bandhan Bank LimitedMar 27, 2018375477.227.25244.9244.95-34.69subscribe
Bharat Dynamics LtdMar 23, 2018428390.7-8.71921.35922.6115.27sub_long
CreditAccess Grameen LimitedAug 23, 2018422420.8-0.28907.65906115.08sub_long
Fine Organic Industries LimitedJul 02, 2018783822.85.085292.25293.55575.89subscribe
Galaxy Surfactants LimitedFeb 08, 201814801698.114.742321.352331.7556.85subscribe
Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers LimitedOct 10, 2018118105.1-10.93488487.4313.56sub_long
H.G. Infra Engineering LtdMar 09, 2018270270.050.02668.6669147.63sub_long
HDFC Asset Management Company LimitedAug 06, 201811001815.1565.011934.351934.0575.85subscribe
Hindustan Aeronautics LimitedMar 28, 201812151128.35-7.132518.22521.1107.26sub_long
ICICI Securities LtdApr 04, 2018520445.05-14.41493.9495.15-5.02sub_long
IndoStar Capital Finance LimitedMay 21, 2018572585.52.36149.45183.9-73.87sub_long
IRCON International LimitedSep 28, 2018475416.65-12.2858.258.2-38.74subscribe
Karda Construction LtdApr 02, 2018180142.8-20.673.753.75-79.17sub_long
Lemon Tree Hotels LimitedApr 09, 20185671.627.8674.9574.9533.84sub_long
Mishra Dhatu Nigam LimitedApr 04, 201890900211.95211.55135.5sub_long
Newgen Software Technologies LimitedJan 29, 20182452533.27423.35422.9572.8subscribe
RITES LimitedJul 02, 2018185212.714.97336.4336.4581.84subscribe
Sandhar Technologies LimitedApr 02, 2018332322.55-2.85235.1235.65-29.19subscribe
TCNS Clothing Co. LimitedJul 30, 2018716657.8-8.13504.95504.45-29.48sub_long
Varroc Engineering LimitedJul 06, 20189671040.557.61283.75283.55-70.66sub_long


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