IPO Basics FAQs

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IPO Basics FAQ FAQ List

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1How to get my lien amount back after IPO?67
2What is the difference between RII, NII, QIB and Anchor Investor?61
3Can I apply in an IPO through multiple applications on same name?50
4When should I expect credit of IPO Shares in my Demat Account?27
5How many IPO applications can submit through online net banking from one bank account?18
6Can I apply IPO in the name of family members & friends from my saving bank account?17
7How many IPO applications can be made from one bank account using ASBA?16
8What is the procedure to withdraw from an IPO?15
9How to sell IPO shares on listing day during special pre-open time between 9:00AM to 9:45 AM?15
10When should I expect release of funds blocked for IPO in my bank?14
11How one can apply in IPO's online?14
12What is right issue or RI?12
13What is primary & secondary market?9
14How is IPO listing price decided?8
15What is the difference between Book Building Issue and Fixed Price Issue?7
16What is the life cycle of an IPO? 7
17What is the difference between Floor Price and Cut-Off Price for a Book Building Issue?6
18What is the minimum & maximum investment one could do in HNI category?5
19Can a minor apply in IPO?5
20Can a person apply in the non-institutional bidder category of an IPO?4
21Who decides the Price Band?4
22Can I revise or cancel my IPO application?3
23What is 'Market Lot Size' and 'Minimum Order Quantity' for an IPO?3
24Why does maximum subscription Amount for Retail Investor is limited to Rs 2 lakh?3
25Can both the joint demat account holders individually apply for an IPO?3
26Is third party ASBA allowed in IPO application?3
27What is the life cycle of an IPO prospectus?3
28Can I apply for above 2 lakh in an IPO as a retailer?3
29What is the difference between Public Issue, Right Issue, Bonus Issue and Private Placement?2
30I have mistakenly filled incorrect DP Id in my application. The IPO is closed now. What should I do?2
31Can private limited company eligible to subscribe in non institutional category?2
32Is it mandatory to have PAN number to apply in an IPO?2
33Can minors apply to an ipo ?2
34What is an IPO?2
35Where do I get an IPO application form?2
36Till what time I can apply in an IPO on last day of an IPO?2
37As a retail investor I want to apply more then Rs 1 lakhs in an IPO. Can I invest in Non-institutional bidder's category? If yes then what are advantages or disadvantages of this?2
38What is Follow on public offering or FPO?2
39What is call option and put option?2
40What is the role of Lead Managers in an IPO?2
41Is it possible for individual to apply for both retail (below 2 lakh) and HNI (above 2 lakhs) for a IPO?1
42What is the full form of IPO ?1
43How many days issue takes to list in the market ?1
44Does third party ASBA or UPI IPO application rejected or accepted?1
45Can I make payment for an IPO from my father's or someone else's account by registering through ASBA?1
46I have not marked cut-off but has given bid price at upper band in an IPO application. Does it make any difference?1
47Who can apply for QIBs in IPO? WHAT is the rules and regulatin for QIBs ?1
48Who decides the date of the issue?1
49Can I place a buy order during after hour session before the listing date of an IPO?1
50Is there any eligibility criteria for NII or just minimum investment of Rs 2 lakh is required?1
51Does applying in an IPO guarantee me to get certain amount of shares?1
52Can I apply for an ipo through ASBA facility of my bank without having trading account?1
53What is over the counter trading ?1
54When applying in an IPO, do we apply in lots or can apply as per the money that we want to invest?1
55Is there different application form for NII and retail investor?0
56What are the timelines for Book Building IPOs in India?0
57I have marked cut-off but has taken bid price at lower band in the IPO application. Does it make any difference?0
58How IPO shares price is discovered in early price discovery session?0
59How many days does it take for a cheque to be cleared for an application of an IPO?0
60How many days are required to launch an IPO after getting SEBI's nod?0
61Why should I bid at cut-off in a book building IPO?0
62What is the minimum reserve portion for retail category in an IPO. Sometimes i find 35% but sometimes even i find 10%. please clarify.0
63Should I submit three bids of one lot each at three different bid prices in one IPO application?0
64How to fill IPO online ?0
65How to apply for IPO online from a private limited or LLP Company demat account?0
66Does changing the broker, bank account or applying 1st-day 1st-hour change my chance for IPO allotment?0
67How to select HNI as a category while applying online?0
68Can I apply for sme IPO through online banking?0
69If I have joint DP account whom I should consider for applicant in an IPO application form?0
70Are HNIs allotted from the NII reserved allocation quota of 15%?0
71Can IPO application be made through FD in the bank account?0
72Can a person apply in the NII and retail investor category in two separate bids?0
73What is the role of registrar of an IPO?0
74I want updates on every upcoming IPO? Where can I get it?0
75Why does the retail Individual Investor RII bidding status is not getting updated every hour?0
76Will I get the acknowledgement of receipt for applications submitted through ASBA from the SCSB?0
77How to sell IPO?0
78How to apply more than one application in an IPO?0
79Can I cancel my Bid for online IPO order?0
80Is there any circuits at the time of IPO listing?0
81How do I apply in an IPO?0
82Can I apply for an IPO for my friendís PAN details in my Demat account?0
83What is the role of 'Syndicate Members' in IPO Processing?0
84How i can apply for an IPO online while my broker is not offering IPO facility but i have a demat account.0
85What is meaning of BID QUANTITY & BID PRICE ? 0
86What is Basis of Allocation or Basis of Allotment?0
87What is the difference between Upper Price and Cut-Off Price for a Book Building Issue?0
88Where can I find the subscription figure of an IPO?0
89What is the listing of ipo and how the listing done ?0
90Investing in IPO's is much less riskier then directly investing in stock market. Is that true?0
91What is the difference between IPO issue price and listing price?0
92How to get information on number of applications of an IPO?0
93What will be the category of 'private family trust' for applying in IPO ? Retail Bidder or Non-Institutional Bidder ?0
94Is third party UPI accepted in IPO application?0
95What information should I keep after I submit the IPO application form?0
96What does 'DP name' means in an IPO online form?0
97Can we sell the stock allotted to us in a ipo before the stock gets listed ?0
98What is the time for After Market Orders (AMO) in Sharekhan and how to place it?0
99How many lots in an IPO should I apply to get maximum allocation in retail category?0
100For how many days an issue is required to be kept open?0
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