Biggest IPOs by Issue Size of 2018

Biggest IPOs in 2018 | Top 10 Largest IPOs of 2018

The IPO issue size represents the monetary value of the company going public. Simply put, it is the number of shares offered multiplied by the issue price. An IPO Issue Size denotes how big the IPO is.

With ease of regulations for the start-ups to go public, we are witnessing significant increase in the number of IPOs and their issue size year on year. Find below the top 10 biggest IPOs of 2018 based on their Issue size along with the details of their listing gains and subscription status.

Top 10 IPOs in 2018 (By Issue Size)

# Issue Name Issue Size (Rs Cr) Listing Date Offer Price (Rs) Listing Day - Close Price (Rs) Listing Day Gain / Loss (%) Total Subscription (Rs in Crores) Oversubscribed (x)
1Lemon Tree Hotels Limited1038.68Apr 09, 20185671.627.861237.071.19
2Bandhan Bank Limited4473.02Mar 27, 2018375477.227.2565135.6514.56
3CreditAccess Grameen Limited1131.19Aug 23, 2018422420.8-0.282507.062.22
4ICICI Securities Ltd4016.97Apr 04, 2018520445.05-14.413133.240.78
5IndoStar Capital Finance Limited1844May 21, 2018572585.52.3612263.526.65
6TCNS Clothing Co. Limited1125.13Jul 30, 2018716657.8-8.135875.185.22
7Aavas Financiers Limited1734.07Oct 08, 2018821773.15-5.831688.460.97
8Varroc Engineering Limited1945.77Jul 06, 20189671040.557.616891.143.54
9HDFC Asset Management Company Limited2800.33Aug 06, 201811001815.1565.01232409.8482.99
10Hindustan Aeronautics Limited4144.06Mar 28, 201812151128.35-7.134102.620.99
  • The offer price above is the highest price from the IPO price band.
  • The listing price reflected above is of the exchange where the listing price is higher.
  • (x) meaning 'number of times'


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