Biggest IPOs by Issue Size of 2011

Biggest IPOs in 2011 | Top 10 Largest IPOs of 2011

The IPO issue size represents the monetary value of the company going public. Simply put, it is the number of shares offered multiplied by the issue price. An IPO Issue Size denotes how big the IPO is.

With ease of regulations for the start-ups to go public, we are witnessing significant increase in the number of IPOs and their issue size year on year. Find below the top 10 biggest IPOs of 2011 based on their Issue size along with the details of their listing gains and subscription status.

Top 10 IPOs in 2011 (By Issue Size)

# Issue Name Issue Size (Rs Cr) Listing Date Offer Price (Rs) Listing Day - Close Price (Rs) Listing Day Gain / Loss (%) Total Subscription (Rs in Crores) Oversubscribed (x)
1Flexituff International Ltd104.63Oct 19, 2011155166.47.35122.411.17
2Tree House Education & Accessories Ltd113.83Aug 26, 2011135116.55-13.67210.591.85
3PG Electroplast Limited120.65Sep 26, 2011210411.6596.02161.661.34
4SRS Limited203Sep 16, 20115833.65-41.98253.751.25
5TD Power Systems Ltd227Sep 08, 2011256274.87.34662.842.92
6PTC India Financial Services Ltd438.76Mar 30, 20112824.9-11.07745.891.7
7Muthoot Finance Ltd901.25May 06, 2011175176.250.7122125.6924.55
8L&T Finance Holdings Limited1245Aug 12, 20115249.95-3.946648.35.34
9Tata Steel Ltd3477Feb 02, 2011610625.72.5720966.316.03
10Power Finance Corporation Ltd4578.2May 27, 2011203199.45-1.7519869.374.34
  • The offer price above is the highest price from the IPO price band.
  • The listing price reflected above is of the exchange where the listing price is higher.
  • (x) meaning 'number of times'


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