Best 10 IPOs of 2010 by listing day gains

Best IPOs of 2010 |Top 10 Highest Listing Gain IPO in 2010

People look to invest in IPOs that fetch hefty premium gains on listing and thus earn quick returns. The listing price is decided based on the market demand, supply, company growth prospects, IPO valuation, global factors, market sentiments, and peer pricing.

Find the list of the Top 10 highest performing IPOs of 2010 with bumper listing gains.

Best 10 IPOs of 2010 (By Listing Gains)

# Issue Name Offer Price (Rs) Listing Day - Close Price (Rs) Listing Day Gain / Loss (%) Listing Date Issue Size (Rs Cr) Total Subscription (Rs in Crores) Oversubscribed (x)
1Career Point Infosystems Ltd310632.35103.98Oct 06, 20101155449.8547.39
2Bedmutha Industries Ltd102180.877.25Oct 14, 201091.8705.947.69
3Prakash Steelage Ltd110187.9570.86Aug 25, 201068.75311.444.53
4Aster Silicates Ltd118199.168.73Jul 28, 201053.1237.364.47
5Gravita India Ltd125210.468.32Nov 16, 2010451929.642.88
6ARSS Infrastructure Projects Ltd450736.363.62Mar 03, 20101034904.8647.62
7Jubilant Foodworks Ltd14522957.93Feb 08, 2010328.7210226.5331.11
8BS Transcomm Ltd248378.552.62Oct 27, 2010190.45209.491.1
9Texmo Pipes & Products Ltd90137.2552.5Mar 10, 201045336.627.48
10Coal India Limited245342.3539.73Nov 04, 201015199.44232247.4415.28
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  • The offer price above is the highest price from the IPO price band.
  • (x) meaning 'number of times'


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