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Zerodha is a Bangalore, India based Flat Fee Share Broker (Also known as Budget Broker / Discount Broker / Pay Per Order Brokerage Company) for trading in Stock, Commodity and Currency Derivative. It charges a brokerage of 0.01% or Rs 20 per executed... Know more about Zerodha

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20. Sachin Kamath  Dec 17, 2011 16:06 Reply
Hey Hari, If you are planning to do f&o trading.. you don't need a demat account as such... Just a trading account would do..

If it is equity and f&o trading that you intend to do, yes you can open a demat and trading with us... There is no need to close your integrated account as you can have multiple demat accounts.... Give us a buzz and we will explain you how it works....
19. rahulbhai  Dec 14, 2011 10:19 Reply
Hi Sachin!

I don't think there is a share broker in the world with such unanimous positive reception, so keep up the good work. I have a few questions of mine:

---BSE Qs---

-Can please give us a date (range) when BSE trading will start?

-When BSE starts through Zerodha, will there be a different brokerage structure?

-For NSE listed securities, people use the NOW platform. How will the BSE listed securities will be traded?

-If there is a new platform for BSE, will it have features similar to NOW such as fast execution of orders along with real time monitoring?

---Brokerage Qs---
-So you charge max of Rs 20 as brokerage (variable), max of Rs 50 as stamp duty per day (fixed), etc. Can you please tell us about the maximum total brokerage & fees (all kinds) on a transaction? I would appreciate it if you gave me the figures separately for variable and fixed brokerage.

Thanks for your help Zerodha!
18. G Arun Kumar  Dec 13, 2011 22:00 Reply
Iam really imprssed with the brokerage charges they are offering. I have applied to open an account with Zerodha. Looking forward to see good service.


Brokerage - Excellent
Account Maintenance Fees - Excellent
Website Usability - Above Average
Customer Service - Excellent
Overall Experience - Excellent
17. Hariboy  Dec 13, 2011 10:26 Reply
I wish to open account with Zerodha for on line trading, but I have demat account with Integrated Enterpsies India limited.

Can you please suggest the way I can trade through Zerodha?

Do I have to cancel demat account in Itegrated Enterprise India and open the same in Zerodha or is it possible for me to just open another demat account in Zerodha.



16. Sachin Kamath  Dec 7, 2011 19:41 Reply
Stamp duty charges would be 0.01% on the contract turnover but with a maximum of Rs 50 per day... This applies to all kind of trading, equity, f&o and commodities...

15. Sachin Kamath  Dec 7, 2011 19:40 Reply
Yes you can link your hdfc demat...

we dont' have any concept of minimum charges... even if you trade penny stocks, you would pay 0.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower...

BSE should be up in a couple of months...
14. Sri Ram  Dec 3, 2011 07:05 Reply
Hi Sachin ,

Could you please elobrate what are the stamp duty charges.
Is it 0.01% of the total turnover or some thing else-
And is it same for Intradau and delivery.
13. Greed & Fear  Dec 2, 2011 14:55 Reply
What if I purchase a 0.10 paisa stock, would the brokrage be still the same 0.01% or 20 which ever is low. Should be my last question hopefully...
12. Sri Ram  Nov 28, 2011 17:05 Reply
Thank you very much Sachin for your info,
I would apply now for the account and I will give comments after few trading sessions.
By the way is BSE trading allowed now.

Best regards,
11. Sachin Kamath  Nov 28, 2011 15:47 Reply
We are more like a NGO.. ;)

We multiply your stock price and quantity... We then apply 0.01% or Rs 20, rule... So in your example, you would have paid Rs 1.8 as brokerage to buy and Rs 1.81 to Sell.. Together 3.61 ..

Also, we don't have any minimum brokerage per day clause.. So if this was the only trade you did during the day, your contract note would show only Rs 3.61... A lot of brokers charge you a minimum brokerage per day of Rs 25 to Rs 50
10. Sri Ram  Nov 28, 2011 15:10 Reply
Hi Sachin,

Thank you very much for your info -

I have one more last query
What is the least brokerage for a low value share.
For example say if a share price is rs 18.
I bought 1000 qnt @ 18 and sold 1000 @ 18.1
Now what will be the brokerage for the above trade (Intraday).
I am asking this since in my geojit trading account
For Intraday brokerage is 0.03% .
So 0.03% of 18 is 0.0054 rs but he would round off to 0.01 rs since it is the minimum brokearge for any share.
So total brokerage in his case is - 1000*0.01 + 1000*0.01 = 20 rs ( for buy and sell)
They calculate the brokerage as follows -

Brokarge for each share ( 18 * 0.03 % =0.0054 = 0.01 (min) ) * no of shares

But not on the total turn over.
But actually the brokerage should be -
Turn over = 1000* 18 = 18000 = 5.4 rs ( buy - 0.03% brokerage)
1000*18.1 = 18100 = 5.43 rs (sell - 0.03% brokerage)

Total brokerage should be rs 5.4 + 5.43 = 10.83 but it is 20 rs ( Ignoring stt and other xtra charges)

PLease confirm if the brokerage for the above trade for your side would be -

Turn over = 1000* 18 = 18000 = 1.8 rs ( buy - 0.01% brokerage)
1000*18.1 = 18100 = 1.81 rs ( sell - 0.01 % brokerage)

SO total brokerage on your side should be rs 1.8 + rs 1.81 = 3.61 rs (Ignoring stt and other xtra charges)

Best regards,
9. Sachin Kamath  Nov 28, 2011 13:24 Reply

1. Yes you can link your geojit demat with our trading account... The only issue with this would be, when you buy shares we will send it to your geojit demat account, but when you sell the shares you will have to do it with geojit itself... We will have no right to debit your geojit demat account...

2. 0.01% or Rs 20per executed order for intraday and 0.1% or Rs 20 per executed order for delivery , whichever is lower... when you sell from your demat account there would be applicable dp charges which is again a flat charge of Rs 20..

3. 080-40402020 ... Customer service number, but is not tollfree...

2. For intraday 0.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower... For delivery : 0.1% or Rs 20 per executed order whichever is lower... when you take delivery to your demat and sell it there would be dp charges applicable which would be flat Rs 20 again...

3. You can reach us on 080-40402020
8. Sri Ram  Nov 27, 2011 21:07 Reply
I have few queries -
1)I have a demat account with geojit,can I use the same demat accont of geojit and trade with Zerodha.
2)I need small clarification regarding brokerage I unnderstood that the brokerage fees is Rs 20 per trade or 0.01 % which ever is lower.
Is this valid for both Intraday and Delivery or do you have other brokerage fees for delivery trading.
3) Is Tollfree custumer service is available.
7. Sachin Kamath  Nov 25, 2011 18:45 Reply
Yes shorting allowed on 1st day but no leverage given... It is Rs 20/executed order or 0.01% whichever is LOWER for buying and similarly for selling...
6. Sachin Kamath  Nov 24, 2011 18:17 Reply
Yes, you get a very interesting mobile trading application called can download it from
5. Sachin Kamath  Nov 23, 2011 12:54 Reply
If you wish to open only a trading account( you can trade f&o intraday and overnight, but you can trade equity only intraday) then there is no amc. If you wish to trade delivery based equity trades, you will need a demat for which it is Rs 400 as amc...

We are Bangalore based company, have an office in Singapore for our institutional business... As far as running away is concerned, we are members of NSE and SEBI and are governed by same rules that govern everyone else... There has never been a NSE member who has been able to run away with money... Hope this clarifies

Happy Trading
4. Harsha  Nov 21, 2011 23:13 Reply
I am using Zerodha account for a year now and i am really happy with there service, i would recommend it to everyone who is a trader and understands the importance of break even point. :P cheers to Zerodha. I finally can make some money ,,,lol :)


Brokerage - Excellent
Account Maintenance Fees - Excellent
Website Usability - Excellent
Customer Service - Excellent
Overall Experience - Excellent
3. Ganesh Kariappa  Nov 15, 2011 18:35 Reply
Zerodha is the first company in India to have even thought about an individual trader and his needs. This is a game-changer and will create a lot of self-employed traders in the future.


Brokerage - Excellent
Account Maintenance Fees - Excellent
Website Usability - Excellent
Customer Service - Excellent
Overall Experience - Excellent
2. Manan Jhaveri  Nov 14, 2011 23:04 Reply
Do you have any Mumbai office?

Your brokerage will be Rs 20/- per both the leg (INTRA DAY).

What is exposer against our deposit for cash and option trade?

Do you have online trading facility?

1. Priya Jain  Nov 10, 2011 02:11 Reply
I like the brokerage model provided by Zerodha. They have lowest cost per trade in industry compare to other brokers.

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