Rights Issue Glossary - Definitions, Abbreviations, Terminology and Meaning

Understand the meaning of popular words related to Rights Issue.

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  • 0 Feedbacks 1. Rights Issue Ex-Date

    The rights issue ex-date is the date from which the shares become ex-rights and do not carry any benefit of rights share for the new buyers from the ex-date.

  • 1 Feedbacks 2. Rights Issue Record Date

    The record date for the rights issue is the date announced by the company to determine the shareholders who are eligible to receive rights entitlements.

  • 0 Feedbacks 3. Rights Issue Renouncee

    A renouncee in the rights issue process is a person receiving the rights entitlements in renunciation by paying a price for shares acquired from the seller.

  • 0 Feedbacks 4. Rights Issue Renouncer

    A renouncer in the rights issue process is a person giving up his rights entitlements at a price by transferring his entitlements in favor of another person.

  • 1 Feedbacks 5. Rights Issue Renunciation

    The rights issue renunciation takes place when a shareholder wants to give up his rights and renounce in favor of other interested investors at a price.