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NSE scrips Upper band or Lower Band prices will not updated even at 8.30 am also via TT, what is the use for the regular traders to chase the particular scrips back to back UCs. We have to calculate manually.
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Very very tough allotment for the small company, I read BoA Fidel softech received 14 application for their entire 1 time issue for 36 lacs shares. I feel language technology company is not available in listed IT sector ? any views.
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Be careful while buying REs it has only trading life/trading value of just 5 days to 8 days and vary from issue to issue, I wonder Rights priced at Rs 10 but market price of Ridhi Synthetics Rs 4/- per share how it is possible ?
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      Basis of allotment appeared in Business Standard dt 19th Feb 2018 advertisement given by Tasty Dairy Specialties over subscribed by 92.2 times….
      According to me, Tasty Dairy - Cost of Acquisition per share comes to Rs 250/- per share to the category who applied for more than 50,00,000 shares /other than the Retails – as per Basis of Allotment, If you subscribe for SME IPO Tasty Dairy of 44,43,000 shares @ Rs 45/- your application money = Rs 19 Crores...Basis of Allotment says, applicant got allotment one lot of 3000 shares Tasty Dairy….
      Company received more than 40 applications for 50 lac shares subscription each application i.e. 90% of the issue size. You see the valuation this company.
      For Rs 19 Crs Tasty Dairy IPO application, if you calculate @ 10% PA interest works out to Rs 1.9 Crs per annum….
      For 12 days Bank Interest works to RS 6,24,658/- Plus Cost of Equity shares Rs 1,35,000/- (3000 shares x Rs 45/-) = Rs 7,59,658 / 3000 per lot size shares…cost of acquisition Rs 250 plus……Category who had applied more than application money Rs 18 Crs...? If I am wrong please correct me...Please verify the advertisment for the same.

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Fascinating returns from Brand Concepts has come but no single allotment out of 3 applications
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1) Sharika Enterprises has Koren Company Collaboration and Italy Company Collaboration
Elettromeccanica India Pvt Ltd is a joint-venture company of Sharika with Elettromeccanica, Italy, a leading manufacturer of transformers based in Milan.

2) Sharika Lightec Pvt Ltd, a joint-venture of Sharika Enterprises with Dongbu Lightec Co. Ltd, South Korea, brings SmartOn, a range of eco-friendly, smart LED lights to India.

Nothing mentioned about the above valuable information by our Dilip Davda - Research Analyst..........What is the use of highlights of Report....