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1. Mohan Pujar   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|May 20, 2021 3:06:58 PMReply
Meerabai's husband Bhojraj died of battle wounds in 1521 AD itself. After attempts on her life by her brother-in-law, VikramadityaSingh and mental torture, Meerabai left Chittorgargh and reached Merta and stayed with her elder paternal uncle Veeramdev in1533 AD. When Rao Maldev from Jodhpur attacked Merta, Veeramdev left Merta with Meerabai! Meerabai left Veeramdev and reached Vrindavan, stayed there for about five years and went to Dwaraka permanently! After leaving Chittorgargh she never returned. She merged in the Lord Krishna's idol in Dwaraka in 1546 AD! Although, many people say that she left Dwaraka in disguise for south India pilgrimage! During her return journey from south India, she met Tansen and Birbal in Raja Ramachandra Baghela's kingdom, Bandhavgargh! She met Tulsidas in Chitrakoot which was 90 km from Bandhavgargh! Later she met Mansingh during her visit to Amber and through him she met Akber! Later she returned and stayed in Bet Dwaraka and died when she was 65 years old! Nobody has provided any evidence for her pilgrimage to south India and subsequent visits to Ramachandra Baghela, Tansen, Birbal,.Mansingh and Akber!