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1. ddsharma   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Feb 8, 2018 7:56:05 PMReply
Hello Friends,

The reason I am coming to this blog is to share a horrible incident happened with me, courtesy Zerodha.

On 2nd Feb, I took one trade on JUSTDIAL FUT via bracket order. There was enough margin money in my account to take the trade. I put SL and Target. In few minutes my SL hit and BO shown close from open orders Tab. I took some more fresh trades after that.
It was shocking for me when I saw 1BO and 1Normal order reflected in my positions. It was shocking to see the losses in Lacs. I checked in open order there was nothing pending. I tried to call Zerodha customer care, but no luck.
The next day I received a mail highlighting the –ve margin. I lodged a ticket and discussed this issue with Zerodha personnel. They could not explain me what was the issue. As I had done everything right from my side I was furious.
After this incident I received few calls from Zerodha, they said that the order was cancelled by NSE due to high volatility. (Execution range issue.) Still I am not getting the cause. It seems there system bug.
This has conceived a thought in my mind that Zerodha is a crook and they are playing with poor retail customers.
I am now thinking of raising this concern to NSE and SEBI.
Does anyone has faced similar type of issue? Please guide me.
1.1. Rutzs   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Feb 15, 2018 9:36:23 PM
Hi, had the same issue. Mine was a cover order (buy) for PC jeweller Futures.
When I expected a buy call my trade was not executed while the sell call (a part of cover order which had a stop loss)was immediately executed as a limit order shorting my position when the order given was of a buy. I lost 50k due to that trade. Has your issue got resolved yet? Will take them to consumer court regarding this issue.