PNB Investment Services Ltd IPOs & Listing Gains

Lead Managers are independent financial institutions appointed by the company's going public to manage the IPO. They are the main body responsible for most of the IPO processing.

This reports shows list of IPO's handled be PNB Investment Services Ltd lead manager. Report also provides information about:

  1. How many times issues got subscribed (over-subscribed)?
  2. The final issue price discovered during IPO Process.
  3. The listing gains / loss in percentage.

Select the lead manager below to generate the report.

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PNB Investment Services Ltd IPO's & Listing Gain

Issuer Company Mainlne / SME IPO? Listing Date Issue Size
(Rs Cr)
Over-subscription (Total) Issue Price *  % Change on Listing Day
Mainline Sep 26, 2016 130.41 54.88 207 18.43
Mainline Aug 11, 2016 653.98 20.95 219 15.05
Mainline Oct 19, 2011 82.50 2.99 150 -62.77
  • Report - Lead Manager Performance Tracker
  • Over-subscription (Total): Number of Times Issue is Subscribed (BSE + NSE)
  • Issue Price: The price of share issued to public.
  • * % Change on Listing Day: Percent gain/loss from Issue price to the close Price.

Note: This report only provide data about IPO's and do not cover FPO's.

Lead Managers & Listing Gains


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