BEML LTD (Bharat Earth Movers Ltd) FPO Message Board (Page 2)

126. Arun  Jul 18, 2007 15:57
Extra refund are being deducted from the account now.Don't worry everyone will be getting exact refund amount they should receive.
check ur account!!!
125. Hitesh  Jul 18, 2007 14:40
Karvy has made mistake with my refund of BEML also.I talked to karvy and logged a complaint.I am waiting for the response.Pl everybody share what they have problem.
124. raghu  Jul 18, 2007 14:05
Yes,refund the amt have some problem, karvypeople making soomany mistakes refunding the amt,they give more money what i applied,i dont want to disclose the amt what i recieved.
123. Xavier  Jul 18, 2007 13:54
Karvy is playing with investor money. The mistake they made in BEML issue can no way be justified. Should they have provided the refund details along with allotment details on their site, investor could have informed them of the mistake and the disbursement of refund orders could have been stopped. I think SEBI should bring a rule that all the Registrars should provide refund details in their website.
122. Akki  Jul 18, 2007 13:48
hi all, I spoke to Karvy at Hyd. they confirmed that there is some technical problem because of which this goof up happened. They expect to rectify this within a week.
121. rajat  Jul 18, 2007 12:46
I think there is problem with refund per se.. Let us analyse why there is goofup. I think this could be because of High pressure on the registrars to complete the work in time. There should be some error with the program wherein the refund due for next person is given and so on...

Let us wait for official wordings from Karvy on this mess up.....
120. George  Jul 18, 2007 12:38
There has been some botchup with the refunds. Some people are getting refunded more money than what they have invested.
119. Vipul   Jul 18, 2007 12:28
i have received partial amount, of which i should be getting, Does anyone know when the remaining amount will be refunded.
K K Saberwal
118. K K Saberwal  Jul 18, 2007 11:58
I have been alloted 15 & 9 shares against applications of 40 & 25 shares. But no refund received. What to do now?
117. Kamal  Jul 18, 2007 11:48
There is a big mess up. I got more refund. Not known whether the mess up is from Karvy side or ICICI Direct side.
Ketan Parekh
116. Ketan Parekh  Jul 18, 2007 11:11
hi navin,
even i am alos facing the same problem
115. Navin  Jul 18, 2007 11:03
Hey i applied for 25 sfares , got allocated 9 but i am refunded only 14,275... i should have got 17,600 ..
Man BEML is cheating ..Some seriously wrong thing is happening
114. Vinay  Jul 18, 2007 01:08
I did not get any allotment but dont see the refund either.
113. GPRAO  Jul 18, 2007 00:36
I applied for 10 nos BEML shares and not allotted any share.For the amount of Rs10,900/- paid Rs 5,250 got refund.Why karvy has retained this amount.Any one got information.
112. suresh  Jul 17, 2007 22:07
Dear Friends,

It seems there is some problem with the refunds. Even i got refund which is quite less than what is expected. Whom should we speak to? Can anyone help us? I will speak to Karvy guys tomorrow and shall apprise you of the feedback. I think we need not panic as it seems quite a good no.of investors are facing the same problem. Some goofup at the registrar end only....

111. Govind  Jul 17, 2007 21:45
Can anyone help me? I have a problem with BEML IPO.. I applied 15 nos(Rs 16350/-) among that 5nos alloted for me. But I have got only 5525/-. My application No.13670258 for BEML. Remaining 5450/- how i can get?
Sudip Kar
110. Sudip Kar  Jul 17, 2007 21:38
Both in my and my wife's Demat account on ICICI Direct 33 aand 22 shares got allotted respectively. But the ECS refund was much less that what is expected in both the cases (around 50,000 and 9,000 less). Any idea if this happened to others. If so how to correct it? Whom to complaint?
109. Vikram  Jul 17, 2007 19:33
Guys allotment is available at: /stockmarket/BEML-ipo-allotment-status.asp

All the best!
108. NA  Jul 17, 2007 19:14
71937378 (BAYAPUNENI SWATHI ) You have been alloted 11 shares against your application

13681957 (LAKSHMINARAYANAN R ) You have been alloted 5 shares against your application.
107. vinod  Jul 17, 2007 18:43
This site is no way useful... till now i visited many times and there is nothing special... i cudnt get the basic information reg how to check my allotment status.. moreover.. it says "visit soon for knowing detailss" .. whn itz not possible to give details.. atleast they can tell they cant do it...i dont know y ppl still stick to this...


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