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7. Valueinvestinggrowth  Sep 28, 2019 22:59
Goblin Subject To Rate Rs 5500. Ahmedbad
Saloni gupta
6. Saloni gupta  Sep 27, 2019 14:18
The increase in the revenue of the company is through new innovation and design product. The company has introduced many product in the past and now they are introducing a luggage bag (follow me) which is a travel marvel which follow the owner by robotic intelligence. The company has diversified licensed products. A must IPO to be invested.
isha jain
5. isha jain  Sep 27, 2019 14:17
The company's esteemed clients includes corona remedies,nirma limited,sun pharmaceuticals,cipla limited,torrent pharmaceuticals and many more
Company's RONW and EPS is 43.23 and 50.83 respectively.company's promoter has experience of more than 10 years management team's experience and their understanding of the industry enables them to take advantage of both current and future opportunities.all these factors make this ipo favorable for investors
Karan Saxena
4. Karan Saxena  Sep 27, 2019 14:13
Goblin are one of the biggest stock supported range of hard luggage,soft luggage and other travel related accessories
The company has witnessed sustained growth over the years
As could be seen from its financials its return on net worth is 43.23%
The company has vast network of distributors in domestic market and strong customer base in overseas I am looking forward to it's IPO
Akshat Goyal
3. Akshat Goyal  Sep 27, 2019 14:09
Goblin has shown consistent growth in terms of revenue and profits of last three years and it is a company in the oligopoly market where Only VIP and safari are listed as of now and both have given fantastic returns to investors..
Must apply ipo
Multibagger Finders
2. Multibagger Finders  Sep 27, 2019 03:05
Happy to see a company whose product me & my family using since last 8 years.
1. RAJAKUMAR  Sep 25, 2019 14:45
IPO Guru IPO Guru (1300+ Posts, 900+ Likes)
Dear Small
March 19 Eps 50
RONW 43%
NAV 117
After March 19 the company issued two bonus issue on June 6 2019 and June 24 2019
31:10 and 16:10 respectively. And also pref allotment at Rs89 on June 14 about 24 lakh shares.
So Eps may be substantially lower on Sep 19 result.(Six Months result)
issue capital before RHP IS 7.5 Cr. Net Profit for the March 19 is 3.4 Cr.
So Eps is 4.5
Issue price is 52
Pe ratio is 11 because its Eps is 4.5 after adjusting bonus shares.
Peer Group Vip trading at 41 pe and Safari trading at 51 pe
Goblin coming at 11 pe. It seems good at first look. How it subscribes lets wait and see
Small Investor
8.1. Small Investor  Sep 25, 2019 18:08
IPO Guru IPO Guru (1300+ Posts, 700+ Likes)
Thanks for Provide details

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