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1. iMarwari  Jul 18, 2020 00:53 Reply

Yes Bank Ltd FPO

I have applied @ 13 Rupees. As the FPO is undersubscribed will I get the allotment at 12 Rupees? If not, is there a way to edit the bid?
Solli Adi
2.1. Solli Adi  Jul 18, 2020 08:30

Yes Bank Ltd FPO


You will be allotted at Rs12. I checked before applying and applied at Rs 13 instead of cut off.

"You apply for 10000 shares at Rs. 13. If the determined issue price is Rs. 12 then you will receive allotment at Rs. 12 since you were ready to subscribe to the issue up to Rs. 13."

This is for FPO. Same price for everyone.

In OFS, multiple price allotments are there.

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