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6. SunnyS  Sep 21, 2020 00:03 Reply

Route Mobile Ltd IPO

Somone please help. I hv received an email from Registrar & zerodha that I didnt get an allotment and my money got unblocked.

But still I didnt get the amount refund in my bank account. Please Eagleeye or anyone can suggest something on it ?
5. SunnyS  Jul 25, 2020 22:22 Reply

Yes Bank Ltd FPO

Does anyone got the shares in its Zerodha Holdings Yet ?? It is still not showing any shares of Yesbank in my Holdings.
Jay H Pahuja
5.1. Jay H Pahuja  Jul 25, 2020 23:39

Yes Bank Ltd FPO

Sunny Same bro
Bholanath C
5.2. Bholanath C  Jul 26, 2020 15:31
4. SunnyS  Jul 21, 2020 15:34 Reply

Yes Bank Ltd FPO

Hahahaha. Closes at 19.45 the same price of yesterday.
2 din Pass karliye isne 19 k upar. Listing on Monday. Just 3 trading days more.
Yaha se isko takreeban 40 % Girna padega agar 12rs tak aana hai.
3 din mein 40 % Mushkil lag rha hai.
Hope it sustain between 18 to 20 at listing day.
Finger Crossed
3. SunnyS  Jul 21, 2020 13:02 Reply

Yes Bank Ltd FPO

18.80 Chookar fir Vaapis 19.20 par.
2. SunnyS  Jul 20, 2020 16:50 Reply

Yes Bank Ltd FPO

Its still above 19Rs. Hope consolidation between 18 to 20 goes on for a week & we will get the listing price of around 18 or 19.
Finger Crossed.
1. SunnyS  Jul 17, 2020 14:39 Reply

Yes Bank Ltd FPO

NII, RETAIL & EMPLOYEE all are Undersubscribed.
It should be .90x if it gets Sail through.
Possible Cancel hojayega ye FPO.
As NII, Retail & Employee are still near 0.25x and in total under .60x.

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