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12. Ordinary Visioner  Jul 16, 2019 10:16 Reply

Wonder Fibromats Limited IPO

Does UPI mandatory for this ipo?
or we can apply via BANK ASBA, 1 application per account?
i dont want to apply but preparing my demat for UPI. so if bank ASBA will not work on mainline IPO, UPI option can be available.
thank you.
12.1. GrowYourMoney  Jul 16, 2019 14:51

Wonder Fibromats Limited IPO

UPI is mandatory for this IPO
11. Ordinary Visioner  Jul 13, 2019 08:46 Reply

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

hey nikhil,

i also invested so much in wipro and now looks like i'll be in heavy loss.
but yesterday after no reply from our expert panel, i did some research,

1- wipro have 50000 cr. cash reserve in their balance sheet, so if they cancel buyback it is not good for their balance sheet so they have to pay high dividends.
2- around 2200 cr. wipro have to pay tax to gov. if they go for buyback. but they can have shares which is more good because 65% rule is still on book not accepted by SEBI yet.
it will take around 2-3 years to accept this rule & according to me SEBI is not gonna accept that no matter how much they stretch.
3- now wipro have investors trust which they wont like to break for 2k cr. only.
here i mention only because companies like wipro is not KPR MILLS. wipro have huge amount of cash which others didnt have.

as i seen yesterday, SH KELKAR company announce their tendering date.
so now i'm positive for wipro more than 50%.

if they go for buyback, then probably their last buyback according to this taxation so AR ratio expected to be high more than 75%.

again this is my research and not promoting to hold or trust.
make decisions wisely.
wipro is not likely to break our faith. Hope so. cheers....!!!!!
11.1. Devenblt  Jul 14, 2019 16:59

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

Not to pay 2000 cr tax

It's only below 400 cr to pay

Because tax liability come on difference of issue price and buyback price

11.2. Ordinary Visioner  Jul 15, 2019 08:37

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

good morniing sir,
in that case what will be the issue price?
how issue price will be calculated?
because if tax is 400 cr. then buyback still best way than dividends because it cost 15% of total amount.
please explain in details in further.
10. Ordinary Visioner  Jul 12, 2019 13:04 Reply

A B Infrabuild Limited IPO

i cant see the listing on moneycontrol or anywhere.
please share the link.
if ipo get listed it should have showing price on moneycontrol
9. Ordinary Visioner  Jul 11, 2019 15:41 Reply

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

3% discount for retailers.
what is GMP and koshtak price?
experts please tell us.
8. Ordinary Visioner  Jul 10, 2019 09:30 Reply

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

Dear Admin
Is there any page to discuss CPSE ETF which is coming on 18-19th july ?
8.1. Team  Jul 10, 2019 10:22

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

CPSE ETF FFO 5 Review (19th July 2019)

More detail on this is coming soon. It will be updated on the same page. The link is also posted on home page under alert section.

Thank you, Admins

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7. Ordinary Visioner  Jul 4, 2019 10:18 Reply

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

@chem cho sir
and all experts
is there any pattern should be follow to get IPO allotment,
i filled 4 application each for polycab and neogen and 5 applications for indiamart.
didn't get any allotment.
please guide me what improvement i've to do?
i'm filling using ASBA net banking and all application get accepted but no allotment.
7.3. Indy  Jul 5, 2019 17:26

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

Allotment is tricky these days because of overwhelming response so if total lots u can apply is 10, apply for 6 lots 7 lots and try if luck favours u, I don't apply single lot or full application somewhere in the middle and successful most of the times
Rest ...
7.4. Chem cho  Jul 5, 2019 19:31

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

No Patten , only pure luck
6. Ordinary Visioner  Jul 5, 2019 11:41 Reply

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

SEBI to consider raising the current threshold of 25% to 35%.
minimum holding willl be 35%.
5. Ordinary Visioner  Jul 2, 2019 09:15 Reply

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

Does anyone know about after UPI mechanism is now mandatory ASBA system through SBI will going to work in future or not? what should retailers have to do for fill up upcoming IPO (without use of UPI)?
5.24. Ordinary Visioner  Jul 4, 2019 15:53

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

@ manu aggarwal
Will ASBA work after PHASE 3 also?
when there is T+3 day IPO listing day.
5.25. MANU AGGARWAL  Jul 4, 2019 16:12

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

@ OV :

Yes.Very much.ONLY ONLINE ASBA will work forever.
4. Ordinary Visioner  Jul 4, 2019 09:55 Reply

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

To all,
anyone is following wipro buyback?
any news or any advice from mentors?
4.1. V.M  Jul 4, 2019 10:50

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

I think Wipro meeting on 17th July thereafter will declare buyback date
4.2. Ordinary Visioner  Jul 4, 2019 12:50
3. Ordinary Visioner  Jul 4, 2019 10:19 Reply

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

if buying will continue like this then it will hit upper circuit.
2. Ordinary Visioner  Jul 4, 2019 09:50 Reply

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

3105 minimum profits.
got zero allotment.
very tough allotment enjoy your profits who got allotment.
i never go lucky enough.
1. Ordinary Visioner  Jul 4, 2019 09:40 Reply

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited IPO

To all Experts,
SEBI approval for lODHA developers is expiring in 3 days. so as per sebi rules 1 year is time limit after getting DHRP approval. so when lodha developers will bring their IPO i n market?
all suggestions are welcome.

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