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2. AVINASH K R  May 9, 2019 21:42 Reply

Neogen Chemicals Limited IPO

I have one lot 65 shares, any restric is their to hold one year like
2.1. Roxpatel  May 9, 2019 22:58

Neogen Chemicals Limited IPO

Neogen looks good as per price moving, but as per some expert reviews, it may not survive for long, or they may be wrong, so in this situation, why are you taking risk for 1 year,
Sell at better price and use that amount elsewhere for better investment
1. AVINASH K R  May 4, 2019 13:51 Reply

Neogen Chemicals Limited IPO

Syndicate Bank no update amt still hold
3.1. AVINASH K R  May 4, 2019 15:12

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