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👉 IPO Adhyadesh 💃's Comments

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10. 👉 IPO Adhyadesh 💃  Apr 18, 2019 15:33 Reply

Neogen Chemicals Limited IPO

215 is too much high.
price should not be more than 180.
Lead managers are not so popular.
Also ' T ' group stock.So no grey market activity.
Avoid this IPO.Many good IPOs are in the pipeline.
10.1. Analyst. Ipo  Apr 18, 2019 19:11

Neogen Chemicals Limited IPO

Good point.. This IPO is complete avoid.
9. 👉 IPO Adhyadesh 💃  Apr 15, 2019 18:11 Reply

Polycab India Limited IPO

Karvy once again manipulated allotment process.
Allotment zero from all family accounts.
8. 👉 IPO Adhyadesh 💃  Apr 9, 2019 16:00 Reply

Polycab India Limited IPO

GMP : 110 -120
Listing around 650
7. 👉 IPO Adhyadesh 💃  Apr 5, 2019 11:19 Reply

Metropolis Healthcare Limited IPO

@ 880 . Valuations are same as of Dr. Lal Path Lab.So listing could hover around 880-900.On upper side hardly 10-20 Rs. Listing Gain possible.From secondary market it will be available below 800.Better to skip this IPO and apply in Polycab with full force.Muthoot , Narmada Bio , Harsh Eng. and some other IPOs are coming shortly.Wait for the good IPOs.

" MetroRail GMP almost Negligible "
6. 👉 IPO Adhyadesh 💃  Apr 3, 2019 13:20 Reply

Rail Vikas Nigam Limited IPO

IRCON was subscribed 10X in which QIB 12x & NII 5x.Listed at discount.Trading at discount.
RVNL subscription should reach at least up to this mark.
6.4. juju  Apr 3, 2019 16:12

Rail Vikas Nigam Limited IPO

Agreed to rvr, retailers board the train when rally is almost over
6.5. rvr  Apr 4, 2019 15:40

Rail Vikas Nigam Limited IPO

GMP disappearing with market fall ..........
5. 👉 IPO Adhyadesh 💃  Apr 2, 2019 08:30 Reply

Polycab India Limited IPO

PolyCab Green IPO : 5 - 9 April 2019
price : 533-536
Lot Size : 27
Retail : 35 %

Price is very much invester friendly.
Good for long term and listing gain.

Prefer this IPO as TOP priority among all the 3 IPOs.
4. 👉 IPO Adhyadesh 💃  Mar 15, 2019 22:50 Reply

Embassy Office Parks REIT

MSTC - Only 225 cr. IPO.Date extend for subscription.
REIT - 4750 cr. IPO.Will remain undersubscribe.

MSTC - Only 11,000 rs. application.
REITs - 2,40,000 rs. application.Double than SME IPOs.

Another flop ipo.
Days of all good IPOs have gone.
people lost faith in stock market.
only Index making new highs not shares.
4.1. RBA  Mar 18, 2019 12:38

Embassy Office Parks REIT

REIT is not a flop but since this is first time for many investors, they are playing wait and watch. One more reason for poor subscriptionof REIT may be IPO lot is 2 lakh but market lot is 1 lakh. So the risk is lower in secondary market
4.2. assetcreators  Mar 18, 2019 13:54

Embassy Office Parks REIT

Issue already subscribed by .75% of the issue
3. 👉 IPO Adhyadesh 💃  Mar 16, 2019 16:47 Reply

MSTC Limited IPO

Repeat of GRSE.
Price band revised from 115-118 to 114-118 but allotted at 118 , listed at 103 and closed at 95 !
Its Soul is roaming here at MSTC.

By reducing 1 rupee lower price band jaitley is playing with our sentiments.He think we all are fool.
3.1. DownriteVJ  Mar 18, 2019 11:27

MSTC Limited IPO

Agreed but there are people who will help this get full subscribed like it has now.
2. 👉 IPO Adhyadesh 💃  Mar 15, 2019 22:53 Reply

MSTC Limited IPO

Anybody applied through UPI ?
1. 👉 IPO Adhyadesh 💃  Mar 11, 2019 08:53 Reply

MSTC Limited IPO

Another PSU
Another Loss making company
Another ' T ' group IPO
Another ' SCRAP ' IPO

UPI is DeMonetisation of ASBA
& nothing else...
11.5. 👉 IPO Adhyadesh 💃  Mar 11, 2019 21:51

MSTC Limited IPO

No , You can't.
Only one handset can be linked with one mobile number as it needs SMS to be sent for registration purpose.For five members , five handsets and five different mobile numbers are required.So it is better to stick with ' ASBA ' up to 5 main line IPOs in 2019. This is the 3rd main line IPO so far in 2019.
11.6. Ou Ai  Mar 12, 2019 12:33

MSTC Limited IPO

From my understanding of reading of SEBI circulars and other reports, UPI will be an additional option to the existing payment mechanism through the banks. A the moment 30% applications are lodged directly with banks and 70% through syndicate brokers who in turn send it to banks for blocking under ASBA. UPI performs same function as ASBA and money is transferred from bank after allotment.

UPI I link is already provided by also in online payments for mutual funds in some sites like ICICI Direct. Here investment is permitted from investors account only. ASBA with online application seems to continue , but with same principal that amount has to be invested from same linked bank account with PAN and DMAT. In other words all banks will disable 5 applications for IPO.
This is done to protect the investors to ensure subscription is not manipulated by operators and later using grey market. This will bring the realistic subscription or oversubscription which was necessary.

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