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Ou Ai
5. Ou Ai  Mar 13, 2020 04:41 Reply

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd IPO

Recall just a month ago one of the not so expert member made an observation that in 2008, another big issue, Reliance Power that a much awaited, wanted oversubscribed by hungry investors crashed on listing day with a discount. Around same as markets crashed on Lehman Brothers doom.
Most here joked about it, justified SBI Cards can never begin same way. Many didn't even imagine Nifty can go down over 30%in three weeks. With SGX Nifty down 1500 points today, nifty likely to tes 8800...

Sometimes not much thought out prophesies turn out to be real....
Ou Ai
4. Ou Ai  Feb 29, 2020 14:35 Reply

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd IPO

Since shareholders above ad below 2 lakhs applications are pooled together, in the likelihood off over subscription say 25 times those applying 13 lots will have an approximate chance of 1 out of 2 to get one lot. Demarcation of below 2 lakhs application amount is only to enable participation in Retail category too, but not for allotment preference.
Ou Ai
3. Ou Ai  Feb 28, 2020 11:34 Reply

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd IPO

From beginning of new process of ASBA third party payments were not permitted. It is a different matter it was not implemented due to many reasons. Platforms like ICICI Direct do not provide any payment other than linked Demat account. Other PSU banks provided up to 5 links not for linking another persons Demat , but to link additional Demat of the primary accountholder. This is now used by linking non account holders Demat accounts to apply by paying from accountholder , called third party payment.

In the past Registrars to the issue has not filtered out such applications. Does not mean they can not do it. It is simple data base of getting PAN number by respective syndicate members from participating banks. Though this could be a detailed process, it can be done. No idea whether Link Time will do it or not. However, SBI being one of major bank that offered provision of 5 applications , presume ,they are too familiar with the past practices and if they wish to adhere to spirit of not letting 3rd party payments , in their own prestigious issue, they can do it.

Meanwhile, received mails from other syndicate members explaining merits of this issue to invite investment , opening Dmat account,etc. End of all mail clearly mentioned that 3rd party payment by UPI or ASBA is liable to be rejected in this issue.

One can always apply & try as in the past. But , appears some doubt exists in this in specific issue. Good luck to all.
v for vendetta
3.1. v for vendetta  Feb 28, 2020 11:57
Ou Ai
2. Ou Ai  Feb 24, 2020 11:57 Reply

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd IPO

Dear All
With so much enthusiasm on this IPO many may have not read the future business risk for card business. Many other countries that introduced digital payments have seen their payment through mobile and digital wallets galloping rendering credit, debit cards and ATMs redundant. With usage of e-wallets and apps like Paytm, Bhim, UPI, gogglpay, phonepay increasing virtually debit and credit cards will be redundant there by reducing their fee income to minimal. With digital payments growing,
1. Transactions by cards have reduced substantially
2. Future demand for card issuance may also get affected
3. Current NPA level is 2.75%

With the above, SBI Cards definitely is not a share in futuristic business like IRCTC that has moved in e commerce. As e commerce catches up more with purchase of goods and services online it is Iikely that card business losses as is evident from other countries.

This investment though could offer a listing gain.
2.7. Trump.in  Feb 24, 2020 17:01

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd IPO

True..but indian people are not smart to understand it..only time will tell him and then regret.
2.8. kaly  Feb 24, 2020 17:18

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd IPO

Credit card business is different than a mobile wallet business. No one uses mobile wallet as a replacement for a credit card. You got to have your own cash in the former and credit in the later. People always tend to spend by credit card rather than a mobile wallet. Anyhow, investors seek a good business, rather it's the credit card or not doesn't matter. If mobile wallet and credit card businesses are good, investors invest in both. There is no question of choosing one of these, but its a question choosing the right business. To my eyes, I see both paytm and sbi card both are good businesses.
Ou Ai
1. Ou Ai  Feb 22, 2020 15:12 Reply

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd IPO

On the board above under employee quota its mentioned that SBI employees are eligiblele to apply. RHP page 4 clearly mentions that employees of SBI Cards and employees of promoter SBI are eligible to apply. SBI Cards employees are missed out . Please rectify this.

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