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1. RAJU KUMAR  May 8, 2019 10:24 Reply

Neogen Chemicals Limited IPO

I have been alloted 65 shares of Neogen Chemical, but share is not reflecting in my Geogit dematerialize account. Kindly guide me.
2.2. ratandb  May 9, 2019 11:40

Neogen Chemicals Limited IPO

2.3. Addy A  May 10, 2019 00:51

Neogen Chemicals Limited IPO

Same problem I faced in ventura account. I have downloaded updated script and it has been resolved. There r 2 different stocks having almost similar names as Neogen & Newgen. So to avoid confusion between two stocks, ventura has added suffix's later on.
May be it is similar case for u. So plz update your scripts.

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