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IPO Grey Market is the over-the-counter market where deals are done in-person only among the trusted group of investors. The deals are usually facilitated by the broker in neighborhood. In this market, an investor could sell IPO share or IPO application before the company gets listed on the stock exchange.

IPO Grey Market Premium (IPO GMP) is the premium at which the IPO shares are traded in the grey market. Kostak Rate is the rate at which you can sell the IPO application for a fixed price irrespective to you get IPO allotment or not.

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October, 2008 Messages

9.   Oct 22, 2008 10:05:33 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse
hi mso,
i got the answer, thanks.lets be in touch.keep me informed of your ideas.

8.   Oct 22, 2008 2:32:03 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse
Hi Mraju
I guess this is not the right forum for me to give tips or recommendations. But I can give you an approach which will in probability give you surprisingly same results.
Select group of stocks which you think are fundamentally strong, create a list (It could be Sensex/Nifty stocks, A group from Midacap, I mean anything). But you should be convinced that they are of value. Lets say you selected 50 or may be 100 stocks.
Then you put them randomly spread on a DART board. Take 10 to 15 DARTS throw at the board and here you go this is your model Portfolio which will track market returns most of the time with the market, no need for tips, no need for MF investment or pay higher commission. It is that simple. Please don't laugh, this is serious. I know it works, there are books written on it.

But point here is where will market go, and I come back to my previous posts, I am surely bearish for time being, so I have given my DART board for repairs. Will look at it after December.

7.   Oct 20, 2008 9:48:10 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse
hi mso,
thank you for your reply. i am also in the same boat like you who doesnt believe in daily trading. i do invest for any where between 6months to three years. i also try to track fundamentals before i invest. i am glad to get your views. it is nice to hear from people with a long term apporach. what is your opinion for indian share markets for next 6 months and even for say 3 years from now. any good long term buy please let me know (with reason if possible).

6.   Oct 20, 2008 12:32:39 AM I Like It. | Report Abuse
Dear Mraju
I wish I had an answer, if I had I would be running my own business, may be minting money and would have owned properties across world. But that is not the case and I guess if anybody says he knows what is going to happen on a day to day basis, he is surely fooling you. That is why I don't like Broker mafia. Any how I am not a hard core investor who analyzes investments, I am a consultant wandering around the world and love to read and surf net on how this financial disaster would unfold. As one of my hobbies I read about 30 to 40 blogs everyday, which probably gives some insight about world macro economy, but if you are asking how market will behave on a daily basis believe me I don't have any clue. Yes I am still bearish, solely because this is a crisis of confidence, de-leveraging effects both will lead to higher default rates, higher cost of funding for companies. Moreover impending recession is definitely going to take a toll on Earnings of corporates. So my sane advice will be to go for those companies which are cash rich, lower leverage, and who have higher proportion of sales from domestic operations (I may be wrong, this is not a signal to buy, as I reiterate I am not a so called "Expert"). Even then we are going to witness falling P/E multiples because of the above mentioned reasons. Therefore if you are asking my personal reasons I am still bearish. Yes I have been sitting with cash, but I don't have balls to buy right now.

Wish you luck.
5.   Oct 17, 2008 11:15:09 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse
let me know what is next in the market. long i have heard from it still wait and watch situation in the market. what is recommended.thank u
4.   Oct 13, 2008 7:42:30 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse
Market Ka Kya Hoga bhai Mere
3. viky  Oct 11, 2008 9:49:50 AM I Like It. | Report Abuse
we see market down side in 10000 to 9000 range
please enter your money in half time your total investment means if you want invest 10000 thousand then at this level you invest 5000 only because this is a bull "kab palti kha jay pata nahi".............
take care>>>>>>>>>>
2. viky  Oct 11, 2008 9:45:27 AM I Like It. | Report Abuse
hello friends.
wellcome once again in this market
now whats is your openion
it is not too good
gov. sayes that no panic but market down
gov. confused kar rahi hai??????? treaders ko bhi aur investor ko bhi?
please vit mantri ki bato mai mat ayea uneha to majak karena ki addat hai?
jab world ecnomey kamjor hai to kavel INDIAN ecnomy strong kasia ho sakti hai jabki hum abhi bhi puri terha se attam nirbhar bhi nahi hai verna ye karer krena mai iteni mahanat nahi karni padti?????
1.   Oct 6, 2008 10:46:50 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse
In coming days, we will see governments joining hands and try and intervene in markets, assuring investors they will act. There is already a talk of cutting interest rates, RBI has cut CRR today is a precursor of things to come. But mind you this is now a solvency crisis world over than a liquidity crisis. Recession is for sure, god forbid it should not go to deep depression. Sit light, enjoy with your kids rather than torture yourself in front of trading terminals or in front of idiot box (TV)