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Steelman Telecom Limited IPO Avoid 1. Introduction:
Company providing services to telecom industries

2. Issue:
Fresh: (10+86) * 18,97,200 = 18.21 Cr.
OFS: (10+86) * 81,3,600 = 7.81 Cr.

3. Net Proceed:
*Investment in Subsidiary: 5 Cr. ( Subsidiary only 6 month old and wants to provide Cab service)
*Working Capital: 8 Cr.
*General Corporate: 4.1 Cr. ( company have freedom to utilize fund anywhere max limit is 25%)

4. Average cost of acquisition by promoter: 0.12 Rs.

5. P/E weighted average of last 3 year: 30.27
Silver Pearl Hospitality & Luxury Spaces Ltd IPO Avoid Profit and revenue is too low for valuation asked

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