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9. CAKamal |   Link | Dec 18, 2021 10:04:28 PM
Loans and Advances to related party UC IT management services Pvt ltd is 3.66 crores which is almost equivalent to net proceeds from IPO.
This raises concerns, rest all looks good for this company.
9.1. CAKamal |   Link | Dec 18, 2021 10:11:33 PM
Further, it is an interest free loan.
8. ultrasnow |   Link | Dec 18, 2021 4:33:32 PM
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Zero debt company, financials appear fine at first glance
Possible matter of concern - major part of FY21 profits and net worth given away as loan to principal promoter (3.66 crore) , another 82 lac reflect as receivables from same promoter
7. Arca |   Link | Dec 18, 2021 12:25:30 PM
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Nice financials ,I hope they unlock nupur money before this ends.
Saddam Husai
7.1. Saddam Husai |   Link | Dec 31, 2021 4:16:22 PM
I Applied in Vivo Collaboration IPO but still on date, i didn''t get any allotment and refund when i check my application status nothing show there so suggest me what should i do. Application no PT334010001906 Applied from Zerodha App
7.2. Arca |   Link | Dec 31, 2021 8:46:46 PM
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I haven''t come across this situation my friend so try with experts thread like Avenue,lokes,noorul,mravi,rj rocks. They can help you. By the way I got my upi unblocked yesterday itself so try asking them & Monday evening also if you haven''t received try contacting mail id given in that particular ipo page in zerodha or your bank itself.
The BuLLz EyE
6. The BuLLz EyE |   Link | Dec 17, 2021 5:38:50 PM
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i burnt my hands in Sarveshwar foods IPO which was overhyped ipo
i have not applied in any SME ipo post that
bhanu prasanth
6.1. bhanu prasanth |   Link | Dec 17, 2021 7:44:11 PM
I am in same boat. But applied in Nupur. Hoping for the best.
5. SSingh |   Link | Dec 16, 2021 1:25:56 PM
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This VIVO is not VIVO MOBILE. This company provides call centre and other voice solutions so don’t get confused.
5.3. checkmate |   Link | Dec 17, 2021 12:50:21 PM
Ghee Shakkar but Chinese nahi!

Bhai ko Chinese se alergy hei! Aur hum yahan kisi ko naraaz karne nhi aaye!!
Srikanth Kumar Guntuboina
5.4. Srikanth Kumar Guntuboina |   Link | Dec 17, 2021 4:59:55 PM
Love You bhayiyo @ checkmate & @ SSingh
Carn Mohan
4. Carn Mohan |   Link | Dec 17, 2021 9:14:23 AM
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Very nice company
Must apply.
Srikanth Kumar Guntuboina
3. Srikanth Kumar Guntuboina |   Link | Dec 16, 2021 6:02:11 PM
Dear Promoters,

@ checkmate have you gone through my message properly. If not please do read once again. I too messaged regarding Vivo communication technology co Ltd., if you think this ipo is good you promote it. I have no objection.

I guess Vivo Collaboration Solutions Limited is part of Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd. sub to China, so I am damn clear of what I said. Whatever you want to prove you can prove but let’s see what other investors do. Even if it’s a Chinese company and if investors are interested they will apply.

@ SSingh I am not confused. Thank you.
Srikanth Kumar Guntuboina
3.2. Srikanth Kumar Guntuboina |   Link | Dec 17, 2021 8:17:45 AM
@ checkmate promoter thanks
3.3. Maria |   Link | Dec 17, 2021 9:01:06 AM
People forgets about Gland pharma episode. When it''s ipo came very few people subscribed it and most of the people avoided it. It issued a share @ 1500/ and touched high of 4300/
2. SSingh |   Link | Dec 17, 2021 8:13:16 AM
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Heard, Subject 2 trades around 7000 happened at few places.
2.1. checkmate |   Link | Dec 17, 2021 8:35:56 AM
Me interested in buying at 90-92. Any interested seller, with agreement?
1. SSingh |   Link | Dec 17, 2021 8:15:39 AM
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Performance of Saarthi as LM has not been very good. This is the LM behind *5 Core SME IPO* jiske promoters bhaag gaye after looting investors money so please do due-diligence and only if you have surplus money which you can afford losing then only apply in ANY SME IPO.