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18. ASHU  Jun 9, 2007 19:47
i hope it is a good ipo & will double your investing in few days every one should invest in it
17. rpm  Jun 9, 2007 17:23
What is the prospect?
Reshu Bagga
16. Reshu Bagga  Jun 9, 2007 13:46
I am delighted by the kinf of information which is being shared.

Thanks a lot
15. ramsa  Jun 9, 2007 10:45
Dear can check gray market premium on Gujrati site .fellow borders vishalretail took away the marketflag from national handloom in rajasthan,it is cheaper also in comparison to its peer group pantaloon.provogueand best buy .
14. APAL  Jun 9, 2007 07:08
this ipo is good than dlf .why?
13. Ravi  Jun 9, 2007 00:49
On what basis can we say that this is good IPO?? Anyone can explain. Is this beter than dlf??
12. Bhool  Jun 8, 2007 20:03
pl. inform listing dt. of Time Tech. & grey mkt. price. thnks.
11. DJ  Jun 8, 2007 17:19
In which link can we find out the gray market premium
10. sudhir  Jun 8, 2007 17:13
yeh kya hua yeh issue to dlf ki wat laga dega dlf pahele hi dikkat mey tha
9. leo  Jun 8, 2007 16:48
vishal- 185
time- 115
dlf- 29
8. Amit  Jun 8, 2007 16:16
Can any one tell me the grey market premium of Vishal, Time Technoplast and DLF??
7. Anurag  Jun 8, 2007 15:47
Vishal IPO is good, as company fundamentals are quite firm and can give you moderate returns on listing. But still depends upon the no. of times this issue get subscribed, so just wait and watch, Its always a good idea to apply for an IPO at last day of closing, because it gives you the clear picture of IPO movement in the market.
6. Gopal  Jun 8, 2007 15:24
This is good IPO .and i hope this will get good opening
Below There some details of the company

Company background:
Vishal Retail Ltd. (VRL) was incorporated as Vishal Retail Pvt. Ltd in the year 2001. Subsequently it became a public company and changed its name to the present in the year 2005.

As on April 30, 2007, the company has 50 retail stores across the India

Objects of the issue:
To meet the expenses of Rs. 104.15 crore on establishment of new retail stores.
To meet Issue related expenses.
Sales of the company has grown at a CAGR of 86% to Rs. 602.65 crore in FY07 from Rs. 49.95 crore in FY03. Net profit also has grown at a CAGR of 160% from Rs. 0.54 crore to Rs. 24.98 crore for the same period.
VRL has embarked on backward integration of its products. The company intends to manufacture at least 25% of its requirement for apparels in its existing facility. This will help company to reduce costs and will also provide economies of scale.
The company operates within a high growth industry. According to CRIS Infac, organized retail penetration in Indian is expected to increase to 8% from existing 3.5% by 2010. To grab this opportunity VRL will be deploying around Rs. 104.15 crore from issue proceeds to set-up new stores across India.
The company has negative cash flow from operations since FY03. For the FY07 company has negative cash flow of Rs. 102.54 from operations due to increase in inventories.
Net profit margin of the company reduced marginally from 4.32% in FY06 to 4.14% in FY07.
VRL has low inventory turnover ratio as compared to its peers. It has reduced from 3.32 times in FY03 to 2.74 in FY06. Further, it has reduced to 2.05 in FY07.
5. leo  Jun 8, 2007 12:51
fundamentals and business model doesnt sound good
but thts not wht drives a script price neway

overfancy - premium 125 rs. buyer
4. Skumar  Jun 8, 2007 11:52
The Company has a good business model.It's focus is on teir 2 & trier 3 cities and hence has not huch competition.I think its a Good Ipo
3. ramsa  Jun 8, 2007 11:09
it is a good retail chain main business is in calcutta. now they have given presence in jaipur and jodhpur margins are good ipo pricing seems reasonable. apply, happy investing
2. PANKAJ KALANI  Jun 8, 2007 07:51
Any body knows about this ipo? can i apply in this?
1. Amit  Jun 8, 2007 00:59
Bindaas hoke issue lagane ka, dlf ko bhool jane ka.....


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