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abp invesc
12. abp invesc |   Link | Mar 25, 2022 10:44:39 AM
company with dubious business credentials pls AVOID. Such companies will be fly by night operators gullible investors will loose money.
Anurag malik
12.2. Anurag malik |   Link | Mar 30, 2022 7:06:38 PM
Sir, this clearly shows you have not done your research. You think SEBI with all their checks in place will allow dubious company to enter market? Let me state some facts for you.
Promoters have delivered a network of about 1000 offline centres for high end software training from a single Center between 1995 and 2000; will be able to deliver the same in possibly half the time given the experience and the brand of Edureka which is a decade old reputed one
This is Hem Securities note:
Hem Securities IPO note says that VLS is bringing the issue at price band of Rs 130-137 per share at p/b multiple of 8.15x on pre issue book value basis. Veranda’s business model is Technology driven, Asset Light & Scalable with proven track record of promoters along with result oriented method of teaching with 360 degree approach & diversified course offerings and delivery channels.
As per Religare Broking IPO note: Key strengths of Veranda Learning Solutions Ltd (VLSL or Veranda or VLS) include strong promoter experience, result-oriented method of teaching with a 360-degree approach, diversified course offerings and delivery channels, strong brand presence, technology-driven and asset-light & scalable business model
12.3. MRavichandran |   Link | Mar 31, 2022 2:19:05 PM
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@Anurag malik, and many new members.
Thanks for your detailed review after your 'research' with 'facts', really appreciated.
Is it one off review? My apologies. This is not to offend you or other new members. Just trying to understand the intent of your reviews & recommendations.

vishnu bazar
11. vishnu bazar |   Link | Mar 25, 2022 10:35:56 AM
10. SANGEETA GOEL |   Link | Mar 24, 2022 11:23:21 PM
9. ipobull |   Link | Mar 24, 2022 10:54:31 PM
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A clear avoid after first look. Not even interested to know much about this learning company
ipo share
8. ipo share |   Link | Mar 24, 2022 7:27:57 PM
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This company is not worthy of even a discussion. No need to waste time. Just avoid.
7. ObserverEye |   Link | Mar 24, 2022 5:00:48 PM
SEBI needs to wake up and realise that its work is to save small investors. Such IPOs clearly have a plain intention of robbing money out of the pocket of the public and fill their coffers. What is the logic in pricing it at Rs. 137 and come up with 200 cr IPO when you are virtually a baby start up with total assets on 31st Mar 21 being 11 cr, revenue 2 cr and loss making coming as an icing.
You may have a scalable business, but you need to prove your potential before coming to the market. For once you enter the market, your focus and pressure will entirely be on quarterly results, topline and bottom line. Something that is not good for the line of business you are in. BYJU/ Vedantu are still not in the market for a reason. Its only after years of consolidation that BYJU is thinking of coming to the market, and that too is still in contemplation stage.
Personal opinion: Avoiding it completely.
6. BHARAT SHARMA JPR |   Link | Mar 24, 2022 3:33:42 PM
Firstly they have to go to SHARK TANK for Funding.
IPO Power
6.1. IPO Power |   Link | Mar 24, 2022 4:29:14 PM
correct :)
G profit
5. G profit |   Link | Mar 24, 2022 3:52:07 PM
Name is apt. Investing in this company will throw us out of the house to the verandah😁😁😁😁
4. Parzival |   Link | Mar 24, 2022 1:07:22 PM
It is too early for this company to go for IPO. I think they should have gone for private placement with VCs or PEs. Topline is too low. Atleast Paytm, zomato and cartrade has decent topline (eventhough huge loss making). This IPO is pure gamble.
4.1. Blick |   Link | Mar 24, 2022 1:17:11 PM
Definitely PE valuation that's why they have 70% QIB .. will buy at 30
3. Parzival |   Link | Mar 24, 2022 1:12:01 PM
Seriously... 200 crores IPO for a company which make a topline of Rs. 2.5 crores in 2021 and Rs. 16 crores in H1FY22. Is this a mainboard IPO. The company should have gone for Private Equity for funding
i For IPO ☑️
2. i For IPO ☑️ |   Link | Mar 24, 2022 12:01:45 PM
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IPO Power
1. IPO Power |   Link | Mar 24, 2022 10:23:33 AM
It is just "me too" ipo. Lost making company. I'm Avoiding to apply in this ipo.