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220. Omega  Oct 26, 2009 15:05
Intraday tip. Looking at current buy and sell trade and quantity. This script is now on a reverse gear. May fall back to 157/159
219. Raj  Oct 26, 2009 14:47
How To Short Sell?

How to short sell Thinksoft using Sharekhan?
I tried to shortsell but the order gets rejected.
Which trading accounts allow wider short selling?
Can anyone throw some light?

Ravi, Bangalore
218. Ravi, Bangalore  Oct 26, 2009 14:33
221. omega,

The best level to enter this stock is below Rs.60 (fair value below Rs.92) for investment. I stick to my earlier stand.

For trading, keep stop-loss & based on day's trend any level is good. For day-trading, use tools such as Pivot Table, Fibonacci Points, Intra-day Charts etc to identify trend.
Ravi, Bangalore
217. Ravi, Bangalore  Oct 26, 2009 14:24
221. omega,

I am not changing my view.

My opinion for trading (speculation) is different & for investment is different. Read post again. You will understand.

For speculation any trade is subject to stop-loss.

I stick to my opinion that its fundamental value is below Rs.92. For speculation, trade with strict stop-loss.

If you apply to over-valued IPOs without stop-loss, please don't blame anybody. You have to blame yourselves.
216. omega  Oct 26, 2009 14:16
hi Ravi, Bangalore ,

yesterday you were saying that the price of this is 92, if i am not wrong i had read through your last few post, how come suddenly you are changing your views.


today and tomorrow the stock is/will bullish and then it is left with traders who may move as they need. hence please keep a watch on your price.

the stock has already broken it resistance for today and now it is no point in investing as a last investor(dont be greedy) at the same time dont short sell for loss.

wait ...wait and wait for 2 days now. one can enter in to this stock only on dips only on consolidation.. the best level to buy this stock is 142-146 only.

presently it is at 161

Shrikant Mantri
215. Shrikant Mantri  Oct 26, 2009 14:12
Dear Praksh IPO,
Thanx for your contiues Bullish massage on Think soft .
I bought today 4500 Shares @ 137/- . Please suggest what can I do now .. Should I book profit Or wait for closing bell
214. Shareking  Oct 26, 2009 14:10

Remember what I said.
Ravi, Bangalore
213. Ravi, Bangalore  Oct 26, 2009 14:07
Stop-loss should be above 177.2. But above 167.5, it is high trading area for intra-day. Risk-reward ratio is in favour of reward if short-sold above 167.5.

Square-off before 3:00 p.m. even if it is loss. Traders who hesitate to book loss should not trade.
Ravi, Bangalore
212. Ravi, Bangalore  Oct 26, 2009 13:59
Thinksoft 165- Target 160 (book partial profit), 155 or even 147. Stop-loss 168.

Stop loss is important. Risk of loss in trading.
Ravi, Bangalore
211. Ravi, Bangalore  Oct 26, 2009 13:49
212. Jay,

You can short-sell above 167 subject to stop-loss of around 170. If it does not reach 167, don't short-sell.

As long as it trades above 147, it is bullish for intra-day. So keep stop-loss.
Md Asif
210. Md Asif  Oct 26, 2009 13:31
HI all,

More buyers than sellers.See numbers at NSE.
928779 shares buyers.Only 225727 share sellers. Buyers are 4 times than sellers.
Short sellers are trapped.

Will go higher,just wait
209. omega  Oct 26, 2009 13:29
hi ! Jay

dont short sell, it carries a heavy risk.
the stock has already broken its resistance and hence tomorrow it may touch a high of 183 or 189.

accumulate it on dips . buy small amount like 50 shares . but only on dips. dont put all your money(highly risky)

todays target price now are completely change in next hour you may find it in range bound and then move forward

todays closing price may be 173 to 177 .
208. Omega  Oct 26, 2009 13:22
Hi everyone . Unlike others i had given the target in the morning and specific all my targets are achieved . Check my last post. I take small risk hence exited at first target only.
207. Jay  Oct 26, 2009 13:04
Hi, Can we short Thinksoft, If yes at what level.

Any suggestions.
206. rama  Oct 26, 2009 12:59
Thanks you god.
I have completely exited thinksoft at 157.75/.
Challenge to prakashipo
205. Challenge to prakashipo  Oct 26, 2009 12:51
Prakashipo please don't shout. If you are so sure why you were quiet in morning. Don't lie. Still if you want us to believe you tell us todays closing price. Now don't copy someone tell yours.
Ravi, Bangalore
204. Ravi, Bangalore  Oct 26, 2009 12:46
Thinksoft 154.8- Target 160 (book partial profit) & then 167. Stop-Loss 147 (if it moves up to 160, trial stop-loss to 155). This is for intra-day only. Square-off position before 3:00 p.m.

Stop-loss is important. This is for day-traders only.
203. omega  Oct 26, 2009 11:50
hi peeyuush!

sorry but i dont agree to you completely .
the (economy)situation at that time was different and now is entirely different.

investor are now more educated ..they know their right /wrong.

if any1 wants to invest in this please remember the golden rule.

buy a part and keep it for long term not short term.
accumulate stocks but only part by part on dips.

please do not invest whole lot in one may end up loosing more than gaining marginally

202. peeyuush  Oct 26, 2009 11:44

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON Sep 25, 2009 10:22:12 AM IST.(NOR 65)

This is going to be another INFOSYS.
This company is from Bangalore as Infosys.
Same tech background.
Promoters are all qualified from IIT,IIM etc and not fly by night types.
They are from south and not the trading community type.
If you recall, even Infosys IPO was not well received.
JM had to bail out the IPO.
Same story repeated now.

Apply in full strength.Laugh all the way to the bank in 6 months time.

201. omega  Oct 26, 2009 11:35
see guys i told you it will touch 153.. i have now exited ..


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