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240. Kushkochar  Oct 28, 2009 13:04
now at 212 shud one go for intraday
what target and stop loss
please guide
239. omega  Oct 28, 2009 10:30
hi jumbo, see as i told you today support was 209, now it is broken .. now the script has nothing left in it .. it has now fallen to 202.. currently it is at 201.

please do not waste fast money intraday.. do some nice research and invest within good companies.. buy a few on dips and it will surely give you good returns in long term.
238. omega  Oct 28, 2009 10:03
hi jumbo,
for intra day
keep a stop loss of 209.
it is having a today support at 209.
best is to purcahse it above 209. exit point you decide (your money your risk). currently it is at 210.
targets are not set as i told you earlier this may move in any direction.
237. omega  Oct 28, 2009 09:54
hi jumbo, good mornig,
i dont play intraday..

still let me watch some few orders coming in the system for 5 min, i will compute the data and give you some thing to offer if any.

10:00 am is fine i guess .

anyways i dont gaurantee that my analysis will be 100% true.
as i told you yesterday after 193/195 . it was all very awkward to see the movement. it was moving anyway.

looking at yesterday closing price i guess today it will open with a wide gap up and may open at 207 then 209..

i recomend dont invest in it .. wait for 1 week and then invest
236. Jumbo  Oct 28, 2009 08:49
Gm. How will thinksoft behave today. Omega your yesterdays tip was very correct. Please guide any target for today.
Ravi, Bangalore
235. Ravi, Bangalore  Oct 27, 2009 16:42
Dear 237. PrakashIPO,

Why sorry. All traders are speculating. Fundamental analysis addresses all variables outside the market whereas Speculation deals with variables within the market. The objective of both forms of analyses is the same - it is to find future direction of stock price movements. Only the means of achieving the same differs.

One of the major advantages in keeping stop-loss is that it enables one to deal with market risk - this is one important area that is completely ignored by fundamental analysis.

Investment is also a betting. Not sure of outcome.
Nayantara Rai
234. Nayantara Rai  Oct 27, 2009 15:56

PrakashIPO has made lot of money.

It appears he has taken off from trading & gone to spend the profit made. He will not return to market till he exhausts the profit made.
233. Omega  Oct 27, 2009 14:33
Dishtv is a better option from long term. Intraday is a different game though.
232. Kushkochar  Oct 27, 2009 14:01
thnx omega
hope some coments for den & astec
is dish tv better to go instead of den
231. omega  Oct 27, 2009 13:54
Kushkochar, at 193 & 195 if you see the kind of orders and trade that are being executed .. i think now the script has nothing left in it .. it is purely a satoriya game..

be careful dont invest in it now , even for intraday it may swing to any direction.

i had earlier in the morning as well as yesterday posted.
dont wait till end ..just exit on first target..

anyways..remember the golden rule never loose money
230. Kushkochar  Oct 27, 2009 13:32
ca nany one explain me whats going on market
thinksoft no subscription from QIB and touching sky
other ipo NHPC Adani and others down below earth
is this market not to play for us small investors
Morning Dew
229. Morning Dew  Oct 27, 2009 13:31
Koi ye bata sakta hai ki jab ye itna achhchha issue hai to IPO Rs. 130 par kyun pura subscribe nahi hua, iski date extend karni padi. Aur aaj jabki NIFTY/SENSEX dhadam se gir raha hai to bhi ye issue sarpat bhag raha hai?
Ravi, Bangalore
228. Ravi, Bangalore  Oct 27, 2009 13:23
Thinksoft 193- Target 197 (book partial profit), 205 (book 90% holdings), 217. Strict Stop-loss 183 (Intra-day Call, Square-off positions today itself).

High Risk as stop-loss is wide. Traders who hesitate to book-loss should never trade.

227. omega  Oct 27, 2009 10:13
okay friends .. first target achieved .. second will be soon , i always take small risk and hence exit on the first target .. cya bye take care

1st law of making money : "dont loose money"
2nd law " never ever forget rule number 1"
226. omega  Oct 27, 2009 10:01
jumbo i dont agree with you completely ,
although if some has purchased yesterday he may exit that is what i agree
i am sure today it will go to 175 then 177 and then a profit booking may be seen
225. jumbo  Oct 27, 2009 09:55
if you already purchased a good stuff best is to exit at 168.90 it wont be able to see
224. mvs  Oct 27, 2009 09:20
how abt today's session for Thinksoft? Will it go ahead? What is the target?
223. omega  Oct 26, 2009 22:46
hi Morning Dew,

i am not that much interested in power sector (as of now).
i mean looking at the current beating all the other power firms have taken , hence a little sceptical about this sector. so i dont want to comment on this IPO.

anyways , as far as the intraday swing is there and the target are concerned , i may be of very little help.

will surely come on the day of listing , remind me on the day and let me see if i have anything to offer , dont count on me as i will need atleast 30 min data to compute targets.still i will try...

money is yours so risk/reward responsibility will be also yours.

Morning Dew
222. Morning Dew  Oct 26, 2009 19:38
U have excellent idea of IPO price. Please do some favour to all other friends on this dashboard and be available at 09:50 Hrs on Indiabull power listing day. Please do some charity.
How you determine resistance level for a stock and how to decide first, second, third..... target.
Nayantara Rai
221. Nayantara Rai  Oct 26, 2009 18:04
224. Raj,

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