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260. kmfs  Dec 7, 2009 15:06
Today open at 302 and closed at 360 (42 Rs down)

259. Rama  Nov 28, 2009 08:27
Please stay away from circulary traded stocks like thinksoft. Othewise you will cry later.
Ravi, Bangalore
258. Ravi, Bangalore  Nov 27, 2009 11:00
Thinksoft 311- Target 340, 360, 380 or even 415-450 zone. Stop-loss 239. Solid support in 265-269 range.

If unexpetedly stop-loss is breached, it may drop to 195, 160 or even 140-120 zone.

Time-frame: One month.

Stop-loss is important. There is risk of loss in trading. This calls is for speculators only, not for investors.
257. Krish  Nov 14, 2009 07:05
When the issue could not go through within the stipulated time having failed to get 90% subscription, the surge is share price is totally wondering!! Bettr to be careful. We have come across cases like Austral Coke now at 10 and Pyramid Saimira caught in for all wrong reasons.
256. ALI BHOY SAKAR BAZAR WALA  Nov 12, 2009 12:47

See the Performance



See my Old

Dated 11 th October.

robert FII
255. robert FII  Nov 12, 2009 11:53
yeh IPO mai sab public ke paisee trap karne ka scandle hai yeh anadar ki bat hai
254. rama  Nov 12, 2009 10:39
Chennai based company...... another pyramid saimira?....for no reason stock is going up..... trading shares using IPO money?.....
253. Rama  Nov 9, 2009 12:22
252. ketan  Nov 3, 2009 15:08
think soft ipo

mene 44500 ka application kiya tha par muje share nahi mile he to 44500 me kitne share allot kiye hai vo janna tha please help me
Ravi, Bangalore
251. Ravi, Bangalore  Oct 31, 2009 13:24
Thinksoft 226- Target 235, 260, 298 Stop-Loss 190. Time-frame: One week.

Stop-loss is important. There is risk of loss in trading.

On fundametals, its value is less than Rs.92.
Ravi, Bangalore
250. Ravi, Bangalore  Oct 29, 2009 13:52
Market is peaked for intra-day. Thinksoft is best short candidate above 225.
Ravi, Bangalore
249. Ravi, Bangalore  Oct 29, 2009 13:30
Thinksoft 218- Target 223, 225 SL 214.

Stop-loss important. There is risk of loss in trading.
248. omega  Oct 29, 2009 10:01
hi everyone..

the post which is posted above is not the real omega.
i dont trade myself in intrday.
and on top of it the english used by the user is also pathetic.

as i told yesterday..yes this script would not have much variation is my tip.

i recomend only to buy small quantity a part and on dip . the support is 184/185
247. iyengar  Oct 28, 2009 23:08
All speculation in THINKSOFT.

Please see NSE Security-wise Delivery Position -28 OCT 2009

Quantity Traded: 20217704 shares
Deliverable Quantity (gross across client level): 599365
% of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity 2.96 %

No wonder it is going up like this.
Only 2.96% has been for delivery trade.
Rest 97.04% is only day trade speculation.

Otherwise how can you explain a share which was not subscribed even one time, had to extend the closing date,lower its original price band suddenly becomes the darling of the stock market and goes up from Rs 125 to Rs 218!! in just 2 trading days??

Some one will get trapped as it falls heavily,shortly soon.
246. Omega  Oct 28, 2009 22:11
So you must have made a lot of profit today. Anyways buy is always better than sell. Indiabull power is opening tomorrow so this script will not have much movement tomorrow.
Ravi, Bangalore
245. Ravi, Bangalore  Oct 28, 2009 15:27
Could not trade today. I was away in morning.

Tomorrow delivery expected to come to demat a/c of investors. So better to book profits & carrying holdings appears to be bad idea.

Let us think of Thinksoft tomorrow itself!
Ravi, Bangalore
244. Ravi, Bangalore  Oct 28, 2009 15:11
I don't expect to fall below 206 today.

If possible, short above 210.5, Target 208.5, 207.5, 206

Before I could see a chart, Thinksoft making lot of movements.

Intraday Call. Stop-loss important.
Ravi, Bangalore
243. Ravi, Bangalore  Oct 28, 2009 14:58
Stop loss is 217 or day-high.
Ravi, Bangalore
242. Ravi, Bangalore  Oct 28, 2009 14:58
Thinksoft 211.5- Short above 214, Target 213, 212 (book partial profit), 211 (book 90% holdings), 209.5.

Stop loss is important. Morning I was away so could not trade in Thinksoft.
241. omega  Oct 28, 2009 13:51
now the support is at 184/186 , so decide the strategy according to it.
as i told you i dont count on intraday .. this script from 193/195 swings in any direction.


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