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9. surprit  Apr 10, 2016 16:01
When is the tentative listing
9.3. Manipo  Apr 10, 2016 17:29
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I think 20% circuit applies. So it should list at 12. Then in UC for few days. I think only market maker will sell for first few days.

As it happened in vidli listed at RS 12 UC.
9.4. Septa  Apr 10, 2016 17:39
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thank u
8. SNBC  Apr 10, 2016 00:21
allotment is out
i recd 30000 shares out of 80000
10 min back recd msg from my back for deduction of amount
anyone still willing to sell shares??
i am ready to buy 50000 shares at new offer of 14 rs
8.10. SNBC  Apr 12, 2016 13:52
sont sell sysco or lancer
only market makers will make 1-2 lots trade
target for syso -22 rs
and lancer 26
if anyone still does not believe me
can contact me
i am a buyer in lancer at17 rs
and sysco at 15 rs
50000 each
8.11. Manipo  Apr 14, 2016 00:49
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septa company has negative cash flow and low margins, no capacity enhancement planned for next couple of years. Do you still think it can reach 100
7. SNBC  Apr 6, 2016 13:53
so finally how many times did sysco get subscribe???
if any one wants to sell at12 rs i am a buyer for 50000 shares
7.3. jonam  Apr 9, 2016 08:33
Can one not buy applications or apply in HNI category. See who applied for 8,00,000 shares when allotment basis comes and company discloses shareholding pattern a day before listing. Then see who actually has fun.
7.4. jonam  Apr 10, 2016 13:13
@Septa thanks. Shares from sme are listed in T to T only IF some or all promoter''s holdings are in physical form. Since Sysco promoter''s holdings are all in demat form, listing will be in normal+-20% circuit.
6. niceplaywins  Apr 5, 2016 23:41
septa sir , rks, all senior members please answer it

1. I have a query. Is the allotment procedure is same in SME ipos, even in this we should go for 1 lot only if subscription is high.

2. Is it possible in SME IPO that it will list more than 20 percent of its price or is it like this that the maximum gain can only be 20 percent on first day from its original price.

3. What is your view on Sysco, have u applied it, what should be the expected listing price. Can it go negative as well.

4. Will there be lower circuit if it goes down SME IPOs
6.1. Septa  Apr 6, 2016 00:36
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SME is high rise high pay....

1. the allotment process is same however the lot size is big
2.yes u right max is 20% both side and down side and u can only trade in lots not fraction is lot 1000 u have buy and sell 1000.... however some brokers do fraction trade

3. I have not read the red herring
4. yes same as when it goes up
5. namra  Apr 5, 2016 22:45
How many oversecribe sysco industries ipo please give reply
5.2. namra  Apr 6, 2016 00:30
11 time''s is in retail category or for all
5.3. namra  Apr 6, 2016 00:32
If we want to sea ipo oversubcribe details in which side we get details
4. SNBC  Apr 4, 2016 15:28
u can apply for sme ipos via union bank , bank baroda , axis bank online portal
3. SAHIL GUPTA  Apr 2, 2016 08:01
Not applying to this IPO, got information that co. business is not doing well and they will post loss in next financial year.
Arjun Patel
2. Arjun Patel  Apr 2, 2016 02:01
I am applying this.
Revenue 96 Cr. profits 3.2 Cr FY16
PE is 2. Nav Rs 22
1. Maruthi  Mar 31, 2016 17:35
can anyone guide me/ explain how to apply for bse sme ipo.
10.2. Maruthi  Apr 1, 2016 08:46
Thanks ji.
I have 3 in1 a/c in ICICI and HDFC Bank and Coimbatore capital market. But none of them deal in SME IPOs
Request u to suggest some customer friendly broker''s name who deal in buying and selling of sme ipos
thanks once again

10.3. Manipo  Apr 1, 2016 10:14
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Anand rathi allow buying and selling SME IPO from their trading website. I have 10 demat accounts with them where I trade in SME IPO s. I am also a subbroker there. You can call on 9 8 7 1 2 2 5 2 3 9 and I can give you more details.


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