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8. BANGALI BABU  Dec 22, 2010 18:32
This company has a below average fundamental...the issue size is too small and so risk is proportionately high...and nearly 10% of money (Rs.325 lakhs)is being used for purchasing corporate friends, think few more times before applying this IPO...
Durai Raj,Tirupur
7. Durai Raj,Tirupur  Dec 22, 2010 17:59
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@6. Sunil Pal Jee

Provide us some valuable facts that covers in your research for the two fold effect in this stock..
Sunil Pal Jee
6. Sunil Pal Jee  Dec 22, 2010 17:55
I have done the analysis, its price will be 2 fold in next 6 months. just go for this. hip-2 hurrreeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy.
funda ment
5. funda ment  Dec 22, 2010 16:11
we are getting rs.6/share in GMP.can u tell what rate is news in GMP.
funda ment
4. funda ment  Dec 22, 2010 16:05
I think issue is small and can give good return.Even good for long term holding. We can see Rs. 7-8 up@listing.
3. Sings  Dec 22, 2010 15:02
About ASBA: In HDFC net banking all u have to do is click on the "IPO Application" link. It will take u to the HDFC Securities online IPO site. In that u have to select the co to apply or cancel or modify and aft the application window opens, u have to choose "ASBA Retail" Qty & price (Cut-Off also) feed ur demat info & PAN info then click on "proceed" button. That will open ur HDFC bank fund allocation window where u can "mark the money" in ur SB a/c. Then ur main window will ask u to click on "confirm" button & ur IPO application or cancellation or modification is done. Over. If u click on "logout" u are logged out of both the HDFC sites in one shot itself.
All this & more in a one time login itself.
U can keep ur demat a/c with any Tom Dick or Harry & apply thru HDFC. No problem. HDFC accepts that also as guided by SEBI (see in the SEBI FAQ abt ASBA).
Release of "marked monies" due to part or non payment gets done as soon as the issue monies are paid out. Order canceled by u gets done imdly & funds relesed as soon as the cancellation goes thru @ the registrar or NSE books (end of the day itself). I bid & canceled my bid for A2Z on the 1st day just to try out this feature.
The KYC glitch is 1st or sole name in SB a/c must be the 1st name in the application.
HDFC Bank & web site total customer friendly. No strong or heavy colors in the site makes it painless for the eyes also. This can be called "Sparkling Ratna".
2. tower  Dec 22, 2010 14:00
ITS another Issue for investor. They Can neither sell nor apply in full due to uncertaintity of subscription. As this is a fixed price issue . Data will be availavble only on closing of the issue. Total game of Operator. JUST AVOID and give lesson to Registrar As well as to company and other BICHOLIYAS.
1. snehal  Dec 22, 2010 13:57
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