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19. himanip  Sep 2, 2014 21:51
I am litterly interested in this ipo, as i am new to this ipo nd shares plus i have very small budget so anyone plz tell me wheather i should buy this ipo for short period profit?
rushabh mehta
19.1. rushabh mehta  Sep 2, 2014 23:18
Crisil rating is 3/5. Apply for one lot to get listing gains.
Vinod chaturvedi
18. Vinod chaturvedi  Sep 2, 2014 18:48
How many application can made from one address on different name to avoide multiple application, please write perfectly, if anybody knows.
Anil g
17. Anil g  Sep 2, 2014 17:30
rating is 3/5 so don''t apply full application. just go for 1 lot
16. Dinesh  Sep 2, 2014 16:52
My biggest concern is corporate governance. Upside is limited in case of companies with corporate governanance issues.
raj agrawal
15. raj agrawal  Sep 2, 2014 15:55
i have some dbts regarding this ipo, as we know tht this is agro based industries and this year monsoon week . Should we subcribe or avoid this ipo
15.1. anonymoues  Sep 2, 2014 16:49
Who said week monsoon this year...just look at on some of it''s peers like Bayer Crop and Excell crop''s performance...these shares are booming and fundamentali strong cos.
raj agrawal
15.2. raj agrawal  Sep 3, 2014 10:31
Thanks , i am lilttle bit confabt it . I know i didnt get any application from Snowmen(As i am retailer ) . hope so this ipo will be alloted to Retailer more
14. tm  Sep 2, 2014 15:03
In Ahmedabad application rate is 850.
krishna gopi
13. krishna gopi  Sep 2, 2014 09:06
Price Band Rs. 145 to 156
Bid Lot 90 Equity Shares & in Multiples thereafter
Lead Manager Edelweiss Financial Services Limited & IDFC Securities
krishna gopi
12. krishna gopi  Sep 2, 2014 09:02
Grey Market Premium of Sharda Crop Chem IPO Started
Unofficial premium Rs. 54 to 55
prakash kundur
11. prakash kundur  Sep 1, 2014 22:30
Hi All,

Some good news for retail investors in this issue.

Retail Individual Investors, quota is Not less than 7,894,294
Equity Shares available for allocation.Not less than 35% of the Offer.

You may recall that in Snowman, the reservation for retail was only 10% resulting in heavy over subscription. It was pure and simple lottery at work.

The chances of allotment are better in this issue with more shares made available for retail category.


10. unlisted  Sep 1, 2014 21:20
600 & 45 per shares
Dharmik Shah
9. Dharmik Shah  Sep 1, 2014 16:09
Can anyone tell me what about its rate of application in grey market? I need to sell applications.
8. Ahmedabad  Sep 1, 2014 12:55
On merchant banker’s front, both have positive bias on their past mandates. As such issue can be considered for medium to long term investment.
amit rajput
7. amit rajput  Sep 1, 2014 08:37
anyone know about crisil rating for this ipo
7.1. carez  Sep 1, 2014 10:52
dear amit,

rating 3/5
pravin mangukia
6. pravin mangukia  Sep 1, 2014 05:51
minimum lot 90 share per application of sharda cropchem ltd.
5. raneshadave  Aug 31, 2014 21:03
What is lot size can anyone inform me ? I meam how many shares equals one lot
gundu anna
4. gundu anna  Aug 31, 2014 12:39
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (500+ Posts, 100+ Likes)
One can apply for Sharda Cropchem IPO for listing and medium term investment purposes.
ak jain
3. ak jain  Aug 29, 2014 14:23
Sharda Cropchem Limited formerly known as Sharda Worldwide recently filed its papers with market regulator SEBI for its maiden IPO. While I have the DRHP (Draft Red herring prospectus) containing the company’s financial data, in this article, I would try and work out the likely price bankers may come up for the IPO. The Pricing Game If estimating cash flows, growth, and risk are the key parameters to think about in a traditional DCF valuation, in pricing a stock, we have to rely on a completely different of tools. The first thing to look at is the current price, I know it sounds counter intuitive but if you think about it, pricing is all about accepting what the market believes is the stock’s fair price, which is a function of demand and supply. With actively traded companies, the task is somewhat simple, as you can 7760*2) INR 15,520 million which translates to ~ Rs 170 on per share basis. I want to put a small caveat for all the readers who will base their investment decisions based on the above numbers. While the company is almost a decade old, it is still in a phase of subtle but consistent growth and it is possible that the current numbers may not be truly representative of the company’s future financial position. You might try and forefor e.g. An analysis of tech companies reveals to the investors that TCS is underpriced as compared to its peers in the tech industry. While the investor may be right, but if the entire industry is overpriced as a whole and a subsequent correction drops the market altogether, the investor will still end up on the losing side.) With Sharda coming up with its IPO, I think, a thorough intrinsic valuation of the company based on its fundamentals will not only give a better picture on whether or not you should invest in the company, it will also give you a plank to hold on to, a factor missed by the pricers. In my next article, I will try to come up with an intrinsic value of the company to help the readers take a more informed decision, and perhaps debate on the assumptions I will base my valuations on.
3.1. MONEY HI MONEY  Aug 29, 2014 21:12
krishna gopi
2. krishna gopi  Aug 29, 2014 12:55
Is it worthful IPO? What is the Greg market rate? Plz suggest? Apply or not?
parmod gupta
1. parmod gupta  Aug 29, 2014 11:00
क्या snowman आईपीओ का पैसा तब तक अकाउंट में आ जायेगा ताकि यही पैसा हम शारदा वाले आईपीओ में लगा सके
Forum Modulator
20.1. Forum Modulator  Aug 29, 2014 18:13
यह एक बहुत बड़ा सवाल है। रेजिस्टरार 8 दिन मैं अलॉटमेंट की बात करते है पर 9 तारीक तक 6 वर्किंग दिन ही हो पायेंगे.

Thank you, Forum Moderator

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