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15. vipulsapna  Aug 27, 2015 17:45
Any Premium for Sadbhav Infra ?
bangalore king
14. bangalore king  Aug 27, 2015 00:20
Top Contributor Top Contributor (400+ Posts)
Horrible as per capital market

Net sales grew 35% to Rs 500.30 crore and operating profit (OP) was lower by 340 basis points, restricting the OP growth to 28% to Rs 308.83 crore in FY 2015. Other income was up 29% to Rs 27.75 crore and profit before interest, depreciation and tax 28% to Rs 336.58 crore. After increasing provision of interest 48% to Rs 525.92 crore and depreciation 54% to Rs 140.61 crore, loss at the profit before tax level stood at Rs 329.95 crore. After providing for total tax of Rs 2 lakh and minority interest and share from associates at Rs 28.41 crore, loss at the profit after tax level stood at Rs 301.56 crore.

Post-issue equity share capital at the higher price band of Rs 103 stands at Rs 352.26 crore of face value of Rs 10 each. Due losses, there is no EPS. The book value (BV) pre-IPO on the existing equity share capital of Rs 310.96 crore stands at Rs 23.5. Post IPO, the BV on equity share capital of Rs 352.26 crore stands at Rs 32.8. At the higher price band of Rs 103, the issue is offered at 3.1 times BV. IL&FS Transportation, which is in similar business and had consolidated BV of Rs 217 end March 2015, is trading at 0.4 times consolidated BV.
13. imdnextbuffet  Aug 26, 2015 23:53
Guys beware of this IPO. Firstly it isn''t even making money since last 3 years for its own. Promoters of co. have pledged 25% of its shares *which is really bad sign acc. to me*, very high debt laden and requirement is expected to go up due to bidding of new projects. Top line growth is visible so is ebidta but at the end investors want their wealth to be created. This is definitely not that company. So, those who looking at subscribing from listing gains perspective, that''s definitely not going to happen. Its peers like IL&FS and IRB Infra''s BOT segment are doing way better then this co btw.
12. EBERAJU  Aug 26, 2015 23:34

Ur the true advisor.

In power mech. Many investors who are suppose to come for secondary market were in fear becaof market downfall.

Don''t worry. Good companies are always will be at positive side.

Wait and watch.
11. pinkyjain  Aug 26, 2015 22:34
Admin block me
Rajesh Tambe
11.3. Rajesh Tambe  Aug 27, 2015 00:14
I hate when you write wrong price band
plz avoid that posting
Still I found you manier time right
As far as your Power report you were right at time even figure was good.
not you many HNI bidders also lost money
let markets move upwards it will prove its capability

plz dnt go we may cpllectively perform well

Dont words like Hang Me
Many people advised us to apply in Monte so its not possible each win race the every then.

Rest you have full rights to write
11.4. NISHANT GULANI  Aug 28, 2015 14:51
pinky no body can 100% write u r almost genius
10. pinkyjain  Aug 26, 2015 22:34
I am giving up commenting.

I made loose investors in power my fault

Hang me!
Sorry investors
Bye forever

9. Aggarwal  Aug 26, 2015 22:09
Pinky jain should blocked by the admin. She always missguiding investor.
9.1. EBERAJU  Aug 26, 2015 23:32
As if your good advisor.

Please learn to respect the good advisors and better you be out of the site.

Foolish idiot
8. Septa  Aug 26, 2015 22:04
IPO Guru IPO Guru (4000+ Posts, 4600+ Likes)
pink jain is like that tipster master in market goes by market tip sometime they are great sometime it not so great..... not once u will get a fundamental of the company in case to apply or not to apply
8.1. Septa  Aug 26, 2015 22:06
IPO Guru IPO Guru (4000+ Posts, 4600+ Likes)
7. Septa  Aug 26, 2015 21:58
IPO Guru IPO Guru (4000+ Posts, 4600+ Likes)
nse india tagline soch kar samajh kar invest kar.... for me IPO is a very very good investment product however i do have some ground rules avoid companies which make loss companies with huge debt companies depend to much on government AVOID
6. Septa  Aug 26, 2015 21:50
IPO Guru IPO Guru (4000+ Posts, 4600+ Likes)
About 32.8% of promoters'' total shareholding of 24.29 crore shares have been pledged. Runaway from this issue
5. Septa  Aug 26, 2015 21:38
IPO Guru IPO Guru (4000+ Posts, 4600+ Likes)
loss making company negative PE no way AVOID for with CAPITAL A
4. pinkyjain  Aug 26, 2015 01:19
Close ur eyes and apply

Many idiots will cry..
So dnt try
Let them fry
U just apply

4.2. Septa  Aug 26, 2015 21:51
IPO Guru IPO Guru (4000+ Posts, 4600+ Likes)
4.3. bullRider  Aug 27, 2015 10:10
3. EBERAJU  Aug 25, 2015 22:23
Can we apply for this share?

Profit after tax is declining year wise
Dilip Davda
2. Dilip Davda  Aug 24, 2015 08:39
This IPO is from 31.08.15 to 02.09.15. Price band and other details to be announced on 25.08.15 by the company. Just wait till then.

Dilip Davda
SEBI registered Research Analyst

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Dilip Davda
2.1. Dilip Davda  Aug 24, 2015 17:56
This IPO size is Rs. 425 crore. Price Band is Rs. 100-103 and minimum lot is 145 shares

Dilip Davda
SEBI registered Research Analyst

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1. pinkyjain  Aug 24, 2015 00:01
For Retailers
Navkar Apply
Shri Pushkar Apply
Pennar Avoid
Prabhat Neutral
Sadbhav High Risk investors Apply
16.2. aichhipa  Aug 24, 2015 13:24
bull rider bhai ise confusion kahte he pinky jain ji confusion me he

16.3. pinkyjain  Aug 26, 2015 01:17
This is chronilogical manner

On the basis of date
Bull idiot


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