Refex Refrigerants Limited IPO Message Board (Page 4)

11. Rajat  Jul 16, 2007 10:36
hi iyengar
can u plz tell me about the GRAY MARKET...???
am investing in market from last 3 months but in learning phase...
10. Rajat  Jul 16, 2007 10:35
first of all...5 years of experience of this company..and NO VERSATILE BUSINESS...seems not a good goign to avoid it...
9. Tops  Jul 15, 2007 12:32
I agree with most of the boarders on this one. The company premises looks like a road side shack in the pictures in the press release given in the company web site. The promoters are all Jains, presumably a family affair.
8. shriiii  Jul 15, 2007 11:30
can any1 tell me y it is not listing in nse?? is there any problem with company like spice comm.?
plz reply
7. RKGL  Jul 14, 2007 23:25
Its always better if people do some homework before investing in any IPO.
Something from their website...
"Mr. Ratanchand Lodha has a reasonably good education background"
This was found in the profile of a promoter. Does it sound like a profile ???
6. Gopi  Jul 14, 2007 23:06

Very good observation about the IPO.I fully agree with you.They are trying to exploit the innosense of retail subscribers. Investing in this IPO is a suicidal attempt, that too it's a fixed price IPO.
5. iyengar  Jul 14, 2007 20:54
AVOID.Not an exciting business at all.Refilling gas for air conditioners etc!!!Next we will have an IPO from a company which will fill air to vehicle tyres.Company seems to be coming with an IPO at an opportune moment when people are crazy for filling IPO forms.Apply if you are desperate to get stuck and lose money gradually.All the best to whoever applies.They are the real heroes and bravehearts which make the stock markets tick.Buying a lottery ticket or going to the races will be equally rewarding compared to Refex!!!!It is a fixed price issue which means you are in the dark about subscription levels and if the big guys are touching with a barge pole.Avoid at all costs.There are many good issues which are open and will come to the market in the near future.Repeat AVOID.For people hard of hearing one more time AVOID.
alok kumar
4. alok kumar  Jul 14, 2007 13:35
this is good for short term
3. ashok  Jul 14, 2007 11:48
what is grey market premium of Refex Refrigerant
2. RKGL  Jul 14, 2007 08:03
Avoid all fixed price issues, unless the promoter has a good reputation...
1. ank  Jul 13, 2007 23:39
Fixed price issue ..... but small size it will also be over subscribed heveily.........


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