Ramky Infrastructure Ltd IPO Message Board (Page 2)

740. Anonymous  Oct 18, 2010 22:11
Buy below 250
739. Anonymous  Oct 18, 2010 22:10
Sell Target 280
738. Anonymous  Oct 17, 2010 14:23
What happened to all the order book and grey market premium? Everyone is paid for writing these wonderful things. Public beware.
737. Anonymous  Oct 17, 2010 13:11
@ 742 743 744 ----

these all making the people fool...
I am dam sure this all osted by the same guy...

be aware from cheaters...
Ramky to reach to 350... tomorrow...
736. Anonymous  Oct 17, 2010 12:43
Annonymous 742, 743 & 744 --- Public ko itnaa ulloo math banaavo!
735. Anonymous  Oct 16, 2010 21:21
Hold Ramky....Will hit 500 in two weeks time..Baged good orders
734. Anonymous  Oct 15, 2010 11:08
buy ramky now it is in its undervalue.
733. Anonymous  Oct 14, 2010 16:29
Ramky won the kalipatnam port project and ram sethu bridge construction BOT project huraay ..it will hit 20% circuit tommorrow
732. Anonymous  Oct 13, 2010 22:53
@ 736..

Tera Nana hai kya ketan parekh.

It will not even touch the 420....

731. Anonymous  Oct 13, 2010 22:51
Ramky infra will touch 420 tomorrow..

Be ready for sell those who got in IPO...

730. Anonymous  Oct 13, 2010 10:53
please advice some one .i got full allotment 210 shares @450 now it is at 380.shaal i exit or wat for 450 please advice some one .rama
729. Anonymous  Oct 13, 2010 10:27
i got full allotment 210 shares @450 now it is at 380.shaal i exit or wat for 450 please advice some one .rama
728. prowess  Oct 13, 2010 09:41
Again reiterated by two of the known market analyst that this is one of the better managed companies in the recently listed ipo's, by vallabh bhansali and s p tulsian.

one can expect the upper circuit in few week if the market remain stable till the coal india ipo.
727. Anonymous  Oct 13, 2010 02:15
Hold Ramky Target Is 510 ketan parekh
726. Anonymous  Oct 12, 2010 22:10
731 is mad
Don't believe him
725. Anonymous  Oct 12, 2010 21:12
Experts posting under Anonymous pls. put your names so that we can indentify who is genuine and ignore those who are faceless.

724. Anonymous  Oct 12, 2010 21:08
kya Ramky ka allotment price 450 is janam me aayega...
723. Anonymous  Oct 12, 2010 15:22
my recomendations for new ipos:
indosolar:-sell permotor & operaotor exit and no big buyer
tirupati: -sell operaotor & operaotor exit and no big buyer
carrer point:- buy education is and will boom secotor in bullish.in operator hand.
electro steel:- somthing like kuda or scrap no need of having in portfolio
orient green power:-overvalued correct price would be around 30
microsec:- small share broker no confidence on him as operated himself.
ramky:-under valued clear buy in operator hand .operator will run this stock after ext of public.so stay invested.
gallent :-under valued as permotor also invested in stocks in ipo.
cantabill:-retail boom continue buy now and hol for one year.
techpro :- very -2 good fundamental company will give handsome return in future.

dear friends i will give recommandation of neww issues latter.
do as u think best
722. Anonymous  Oct 12, 2010 14:23
sell this at current level and invest in DLF or Koutons..

DLF target 405 in 1 Month.
721. Anonymous  Oct 11, 2010 18:19
Ramky is under pormance comapany

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