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13. Ashish  Jul 31, 2010 3:44:06 AM
SKS sold shares at a 33% discount to Treeline Asia (PE fund) just 3 months ago....around 600rs / share !!!
12. Rahu  Jul 31, 2010 2:20:34 AM
i am avoiding EIL,but definately going for SKS and BAJAJ Corp since it is a consumer and this bull run is for consumers,banking and IT related.
11. Rahu  Jul 31, 2010 2:16:16 AM
dear srini,
During my last 6years of experience all i have learnt is to have patience which most of us dont have including me.Yes just like you i too like other retailers have lost money and gained some money in IPO.Have patience with money and with good stocks..with money means keep cash even if you hold for 6-8months you will get appotunity to get in once in 6months and with big stocks keep for atleast 6-8months and atleast 25%money in good index funds like FIDELITY,HDFC top 200 etc,becoz everytime the markets fall these mutual funds gain more..Thanks
10. KKD  Jul 30, 2010 6:43:40 PM
Can't be compared with Tata Steel, SAIL and Bhushan. Its pipe manufacturer and mostly exports better to compare with Maharashtra Seamless, Welspun and Saw Pipes.

On a cursory look seems expensive. In any case, all the IPO's which are currently on are highly expensive and better give them pass. In case the markets globally slide in the next 10-15 days those who have put in applications will have to be content with heavy losses just like losses still nursed by investing at the time of IPO's of R Power and Future Capital.

One is also perturbed by the game being played at the Aster
Silicates counter. The kind of returns a dubious co (read promoter) has generated leaves me gasping. The kind of gyrations in the share price (20% up and down)in one day has completelt baffled me.

Is this not the right time for the regulator to act.It reminds me of another small IPO of Thinksoft few months back.

Its time for investors to think rationally.
9. rekto  Jul 30, 2010 10:22:46 AM
Issue looks very expensive to me
8. Srini  Jul 30, 2010 7:22:02 AM
9 @ Rahu,

Dear Rahu, I am not regular messager of this board, I will monitor all suggestions in this board and analyze, thats the reason you have never seen me, also fundamentally and technically I have no knowledge about stock market, I always rely on subscription+greymarket+sugesstions from this board. I lost lot of money in scripts, I have recovered the loss from IPO's, so I need all your positive suggestions on IPO's.

Still confused whether to go for full application on EIL. Suggestions are welcome.
7. .Rahu  Jul 30, 2010 1:03:03 AM
Chemco.....i fully agree with comments and share your thoughts and 66@ srini,,,never heard of u on this come u follow them..or are u somebody one amongst them. in these in .disgu.ise bcoz ur language appears to be very familiar, anyway how does it matter to undercover ag.ents
6. Srini  Jul 29, 2010 11:12:54 PM
6 @ chemcho,

Dear chemcho, I feel very sorry for your comments, I am here from last 6 months observing all the comments from these 3 members, all these 3 members are excellent in analyzing the IPO's, may be they say not to go for aster because of its valuations, but ultimately people have to take their own decisions for the loss or gain, we are not paying them anything else for their suggestions, their suggestions are always helpful for us, did anyone guess that aster will go to 241 from 118 on opening day that to started at 128, its all operators game, I follow every comment of them, even I applied for 2 lots and got 1 lot of allotment and to my bad luck I sold in the morning at 129.25, now whom to blame for selling at that price, its myself only. So please try to understand the comments and analyze yourself. Very sorry if my comment hurts you.
vivek jain
5. vivek jain  Jul 29, 2010 10:18:57 PM
Engaged in the manufacturing of seamless & welded stainless steel Pipes, Tubes
Carry our production through two production units
Production units situated at Silvasa and Umbergaon
Total installed production capacity of 12200 MTPA

Peer comparison

Prakash Steelage 14 X (at lower band)
Tata steel 2 X
Jindal steel 14 X
Bhushan steel 16 X

Revenue break up

Paper 11%
Petrochem 18%
Sugar 8%
Infrastructure 4%
Power 12%
Chemicals 21%
Pharmaceuticals 26

4. sreedhar  Jul 29, 2010 8:50:06 PM
Dear Natarajan,
Our first target of 330 is reached.Now tomorrow you can sell around 340.Regarding Bajaj corp,33.5 PE is before dilution & 28.44 post offer.Total shares before IPO were 2.5 Cr.SO EPS was 84/2.5=33.6.Now Issue size is 45 lakhs,So total shares after Issue will be 2.5+0.45=2.95 Cr.Hence Post Issue EPS is 84/2.95=28.4.
3. VERMA  Jul 29, 2010 2:26:00 PM
2. mvs  Jul 29, 2010 1:32:54 PM
good one
1. Vishal  Jul 29, 2010 1:04:54 PM
Dear Friends,

NR OF SHARE      1.75
PRICE            110.00
PAT            17.82
NW            50.87
BV            29.07
EPS            10.18
P/E            10.80
P/BV            3.78