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236. shhhh.  Feb 27, 2007 00:22
should i sell now or hold pfc for 1-2 months? i m very confused about this. plz suggest me.
235. Ankur  Feb 26, 2007 22:39
When is the refund amount of PFC expected to come in my account?
234. suraj  Feb 26, 2007 20:33
more ultra mega power projects to be announced in this budget on28 so keep this stock for long
233. rajiv  Feb 26, 2007 11:43
it is very sad on the part of karvy that most of us have vot got the refund yet
232. Shrikant  Feb 26, 2007 09:06
PFC is going to next NTPC ?????
Aashish Goyal
231. Aashish Goyal  Feb 26, 2007 03:42
Excellemt website.I hadn't received my PFC IPO refund till now,till when should i expect to recive it? I had been allotted 80 shares of PFC.
kamal agrawal huf
230. kamal agrawal huf  Feb 26, 2007 00:20
appno-2 3891376
amount rs.95200.
i have been not alloted share why.
229. manish  Feb 25, 2007 22:53
yet not got any refund by cheque!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!too bad!!!,
228. Raghu  Feb 25, 2007 10:40
After Budget expect this stock to move easily 200+. Remain invested and try to get more if possible!!!!!!!! :)
amit kumar
227. amit kumar  Feb 25, 2007 06:56
I had applied for 400 shares through ICICI DIRECT. I have been allocated 80 shares. But I have not received any refunds yet. Please let me know if any one of you had applied through same broker icici direct and got the refund.
226. narindera  Feb 25, 2007 03:31
i applied for pfc against my cheque but i not allotted any share and not cr. refund in my bank account. please suggest me.
225. sham  Feb 25, 2007 00:36
to know about refund and other details plz visit
karisma.karvy.com or call them at there 24 toll free helpline at 18003454001.
i got refund though i didnt get any share allotement...
should i buy it from secondary market ..its trading at 111 to 115 ..is there any minimum or maximum limit of shares that one can buy.
plz reply
Sameer Surani Vapi
224. Sameer Surani Vapi  Feb 25, 2007 00:03
I have gone through the feedback from several people...lots of people HAVENT RECEIVED THEIR <<REFUND>> neither i have receved. Such regitrar like karvy should be asked to do better work. This is another worst after Intime spectrum...I dont know why they keep such registrar in to the system...Thankfully we have such platform like chittorgarh.com where we can share our views...keep doing good work...thanks
223. Dr.K.Sengupta  Feb 24, 2007 22:42
My wife has ben alloted 80 shares of PFC which have been credited to her demat account already. Karvy is not a PROMPT service provider.Yet,their customer care executives try their best to solve queries,especially Mr. Rizwan. Those who want to contact them/him please dial 040 23420818 or 040 23420828.
222. ramkumar  Feb 24, 2007 21:12
pfc strong even in this bloodbath. budget is going to be super good on pfc. it will go above 150 within a month
khimanand sharma
221. khimanand sharma  Feb 24, 2007 21:08
This site is doign a great work . Congrats and thanks ed .
220. Ankit  Feb 24, 2007 19:47
Hey people,

Any news about refund?? The stock has listed and still no clue of the refund...Has anybody got some contacts in Karvy...If yes then please let us know about the refund...
219. runner  Feb 24, 2007 13:47
Hey any news on refunds.... i did not get any refund, very bad on part of registars. Any idea to contact karvy they dont even had any website for feedback. very sad....
218. mayuri  Feb 24, 2007 09:26
price after 5 years?

just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

217. manish  Feb 24, 2007 09:24
got strength to touch 130 soon.some fund has purchased the 25,00,000 @ 115 .long term story.karvy is bad registar .i have not got any refund yet.instead of several time sebi bans on such registar ,why people going for it.

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