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16. Vinay  Feb 1, 2007 05:35
Not like Cairn.V.good returns.Finance on power sector is a hit.
anil kumar
15. anil kumar  Jan 29, 2007 07:18
I think it will be another Cairn Energy & RPL
maulin shah
14. maulin shah  Jan 27, 2007 02:04
Hi friends. PFC is very good ipo and may give good listing gains and even long term profits.
But try to manage some more money or divide your budget for another grand grand grand and superb ipo -"idea cellular" in february mid (almost 15th feb is close day).
So choices are very good for both the ipos if u can arrange and manage your budget (funds) properly.
Bye Bye
ALL the very Best
Sameer Surani Vapi
13. Sameer Surani Vapi  Jan 26, 2007 06:10
This IPO is excellent for those who want to invest for a long term prospect. It will also give listing gain, but it has fancy attached to it. very good to have in portfolio, after all india is going to have lots of power project in the coming years. so it is very good idea to apply for this. BUT AT THE SAME TIME LESS CHANCE TO GET ALLOTMENT. :) Regards
12. nilesh  Jan 25, 2007 13:37
The issue size is very big, 15.45 crores shares. I doubt for a good listing gain. Grey market premium also not heard. Can somebody guide me, which websites are giving grey market premium information ?
Rajesh Shah
11. Rajesh Shah  Jan 24, 2007 22:04
Dear investors It is a very big issue but according to it is very fancy in grey market now very good primium take on that application so subscrib in power finace
Best of luck
bye bye
From :-
Rajesh Shah
sahil dawer
10. sahil dawer  Jan 22, 2007 01:00
good results....apply as many
9. deep  Jan 19, 2007 04:43
will this ipo will b a gud idea to invest in ?
8. sundeed  Jan 19, 2007 04:08
yes it can give listing gains but after that it will stabilize, price will inch forward at the pace of tortoise
7. Kavita  Jan 18, 2007 00:15
I Read in an article that : PFC, a non-banking finance company for the power sector, will only be the second public-sector power firm to get listed on the bourses after NTPC.

Seems to be a good IPO. Will give good listing returns. Can go ahead and apply.

6. Prakash  Jan 16, 2007 23:34
It's a very good ipo.
prasad kakunje
5. prasad kakunje  Jan 16, 2007 07:50
your view about PFC ipo( apply or not)
4. Sundeed  Jan 15, 2007 04:45
hi Kris, thanks for your help in this matter. Now we can contemplate and decide even better in which IPO to invest (just coz of chittorgarh.com and its staff members). It is great to have chittorgarh.com as a mean to select good IPOs.
3. Kris  Jan 14, 2007 12:20
Hi Sundeed,
Thanks for your feedback!
Bid / Market lot information is now available for all IPO's.
2. sundeed  Jan 14, 2007 09:17
kind request to chittorgarh staff members. If we could have "bid lot" of all the IPOs, it would be great!!!
1. Raja  Jan 13, 2007 21:41
good ipo.. apply plenty

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