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16. BIPUL KUMAR  Mar 26, 2019 20:14
This sectors has all the reasons to grow in numbers in future.
15. BIPUL KUMAR  Mar 26, 2019 20:11
Surprised to see this poor subscription . Beacause all retails sectors give very good returns . Like v Mart, v2, future consumers etc.
14. DownriteVJ  Mar 26, 2019 16:34
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The comma in the financials table are incorrect

for example 1,15,74.52 instead of 11,574.52.

Can you correct that?
Small Investor
13. Small Investor  Mar 26, 2019 14:45
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Dear Admin please upload a facility of delete/Modify wrong comment
Team Chittorgarh.com
13.1. Team Chittorgarh.com  Mar 26, 2019 15:27
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Dear Small Investor,

Thank you for your kind feedback.

Sorry this facility is not available online. In case you would like to update/delete a message, pls drop a message in contact us form.

We have added your request for future enhancements.

Thank you,

Chittorgarh.com Admins

12. RAJAKUMAR  Mar 26, 2019 11:08
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Dear Admin
Why sir my message has been removed. I stated real one that too relevant to sme stock.
Pls clarify whether this Hitesh Patel is different one.
Team Chittorgarh.com
12.1. Team Chittorgarh.com  Mar 26, 2019 11:11
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Dear Sir,
We have received multiple complaints related to messages which had Hitesh Patel name. TO address these complaints we have removed the posts related to it.

Thank you,

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11. BIPUL KUMAR  Mar 25, 2019 23:10
Must apply.I also plan to apply in this ipo if subscription is good.
10. RAJAKUMAR  Mar 23, 2019 10:26
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This message has been removed by a moderator.
Small Investor
10.3. Small Investor  Mar 25, 2019 11:31
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about 8100 cr sckem
Small Investor
10.4. Small Investor  Mar 25, 2019 15:57
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Ritco 52 W High Today
9. BIPUL KUMAR  Mar 23, 2019 09:22
Good ipo like - v mart
8. JAYESH M  Mar 22, 2019 21:27
What is kostak rate for cpse etf ffo 4
Small Investor
7. Small Investor  Mar 22, 2019 17:53
IPO Guru IPO Guru (1400+ Posts, 700+ Likes)
Seems Story of Dangee Dums
Tension is that only 2 IPO ( Bombay Supar and Dangee Dums are above issue price
and others are below 5-65% discount
ya to Hero ya phir Zero
dekh li jyo
P Patel
6. P Patel  Mar 22, 2019 16:43
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@Admin - Please correct tentative dates timetable..
5. papon  Mar 21, 2019 18:00
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Ipo from monarch's table are either hero or completely zero. Kindly check last few ipo's from their side
4. Hiteshji  Mar 21, 2019 14:46
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I m not thinking negative but look from last 6 months record of all sme ipo, all is having very poor listing and investors loosing their money. My personal thinking is keep money in bank fdr or invest in good quality stock in secondary market. You will get returns. Think twice before applying in sme ipos.
4.1. papon  Mar 21, 2019 17:57
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Not all are giving negative returns my friend. See Disha Green where I earned on listing around 20%. It doubled from my selling price but no regrets. Took the gamble & got the result on positive side. You have to take risk to earn & most important is that you have to know how much risk you can take. Looking for next opportunity
3. SME BADSHAH  Mar 21, 2019 11:44
Rajkumar Sir :- Monarch Comtrade got shares @ Rs.144 on 25.09.18. You are right in saying that it is not Locked In. And now IPO @ Rs.252 on 26.03.2019
2. RAJAKUMAR  Mar 20, 2019 16:47
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Monarch Comtrade got 4 lakh shares pre ipo allotment, which is no lock in period. I think it is group company of LM
1. RAJAKUMAR  Mar 20, 2019 16:40
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From the first look it seems good.
Retail Sector is fancy.
Retail Sector low pe 25 (V2 Retail) and highest pe 251 (Future consumer)
2018 earnings eps is 14.2
For the eight months ended on Nov.18 12.2. It translates into full year earning is 15 Eps
Issue price is 252 it comes with 17 PE. Book value is 57 as on Nov.18
RONW 19 as on Nov.18
Gujarat Based Company.
LM Monarch is not poor. Out of 6 listing 4 listed at premium.
Short term debt is 10 cr. and long term debt is 19 cr. Total debt is 29 cr. but shareholder fund - Equity is 4 Cr and Reserve is 20Cr.
So Debt Equity ratio is 1:1.19.
After seeing subscription we can go for it.

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