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144. chintan  Jul 14, 2008 17:57
For god sake we need the market to go up by 400-500 points.Then only there are chances that the stock will bounce back.
Share guru
143. Share guru  Jul 14, 2008 17:03
KSK reported PBT of 130Cr, out of which other income was118cr (sale of shares). So actual PBT was around 12Cr. ~Actual PAT 8-10 cr., Mkt. cap=6600 Cr (at today’s close price of Rs.191.),PE works out to be 6600cr. / 10cr. = 660 times. Even if KSK shows same profit in the current year PAT=108 cr. ( how it will make this profit ?) than also PE at present price works out to be 65 times.
Tata power is available PE= 21 times, Reliance energy (now infra) and NTPC is available at PE of 17 times.
Even if you consider Price/Book valuation at present price KSK is trading 80 to 100% higher as compare to Reliance infra, tata power or NTPC etc.
KSK below Rs.100 price will bring it as par with other listed bigger players in terms of Price to book multiple and around Rs.65 it will trade in terms of PE multiple.
It may not see this prices, but this is fundamental story. Who knows ? another correction in mkt. might well bring this stock to trade as per it’s peers.
142. VISHY  Jul 14, 2008 16:10
dear chintan

after seeing a poor subscription in retail category, the GMP went in discount long back and everyone knows that this ipo will list in discount only. It's not a big thing to predict that this ipo will list in discount as the GMP was in Discount for almost 20 days.

also please dont worry as i feel that this ipo will bounce back to the issue price or atleast to 225-230 within a shorter period provided the market should not break critical support levels.
fundamentals of this company is not bad such as NIRAJ CEMENTS.
so the stock will not fall to a very bad price. but if possible try to accumulate this stock when it touches lower levels..!

hope for the best and lets see...!!

141. chintan  Jul 14, 2008 13:26
No yaar vishy,i have still held the stock.I do not have the strength of withstanding back to back losses,let us see.I have also a big amount trapped in it yaar.Really its our bad luck that this also listed in discount.
140. vishy  Jul 14, 2008 12:42
hey akka!!

No problem man!! I have the confidence that i can earn back the money. Really i dont have any bad feeling.

take it easy...cooooooooooooooool buddy.

chintan whatz your status - have u sold it out or still keeping??

139. akka  Jul 14, 2008 11:41
dearVISHY,i m realy feeling very bad about listing of KSK and your loss.one of grey mkt operator have bought 11 appli. @1500/- per appli.he is also trapped.really feeling very sorry for your loss.
138. vishy  Jul 14, 2008 11:05
kedi bhai

yeh sab info baad mein dijiye..kyunki kaafi log nuksaan mein baitein hein..

bhura mat lijiye!!
137. vishy  Jul 14, 2008 11:01
i have spoken to the customer care of icici and they have rectified the problem. so now you can allocate the shares..

136. Ziangi  Jul 14, 2008 10:57
hey Vishy, even i m not able to allocate shares... this icicidirect fools are also not picking up the phone... neways... it makes not difference... :(.... who will sell the shares at 12K loss...
135. kedi  Jul 14, 2008 10:53
Issue price / Floor Price (Rs) 140-150

Minimum bid (no of shares) 40 and in multiples of 40 shares thereafter

Maximum Shares for Retail 680-640
Issue Date and Size
Issue opens 21-Jul-08
Issue closes 24-Jul-08
Listing on BSE, NSE
Issue size (Rs cr) 39.06-41.85
Mkt cap at issue price (Rs cr) 149.52-160.20
Total shares offered 27.90
Of above, offered to public 27.90
Post-issue shares 106.80
Post-issue promoters' holding(%) 42.88
Lead Manager(1) Keynote Corporate Services Ltd
E-mail mbd@keynoteindia.net
Registrar Intime Spectrum Registry Ltd
E-mail vitl.ipo@intimespectrum.com
Website http://www.vishalinfotech.com
134. kedi  Jul 14, 2008 10:46
IPO mai Juwa Khelnai walo k Liya
Vishal Tech Opens on 21st July, Close on 24th July, Offer Price 140-150
133. vishy  Jul 14, 2008 10:41
can anyone able to allot the shares in their icici demat??
132. SANJAY  Jul 14, 2008 10:28
Mr.NAIR U PREDICTION IS ALWAYS WRONG it has been listed under cutting any who is sure about her preiction can help me
131. Pandit  Jul 14, 2008 10:15
Refer my masage 126. Pandit ( 7/12/2008 5:01:03 PM IST

130. nair  Jul 14, 2008 08:18
KSK will list above the issue price @245-255 due to FII activty.Hold for long term
129. sanjay  Jul 13, 2008 18:01
i am having 5000 shares of ksk alloted wat will the premium or discount in monday i wan to know that if any one is then only reply help?
Naren Datta
128. Naren Datta  Jul 13, 2008 17:16
Short seller will be trapped in this counter. Please buy after 5 minutes of the opening and hold it till the market close. Bull will definitely get reward on the listing day.
127. jitendra  Jul 13, 2008 11:19
ksk energy is what is rate of listing abn what listing day is exit ya some day waiting
126. Gunjannaiya  Jul 13, 2008 07:51
it will go above 360/ after fifteen days
125. Pandit  Jul 12, 2008 16:01
KSK Energy Ventures Limited will open @ 215 - 230 & till the day end it will closed near about 175

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