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19. SMEconsultants  Feb 8, 2019 14:59
Some facts that I came across while reading the draft Prospectus.

1. More than 20 year experience company.
2. Order book for the month of December as per DRHP was 660 lacs which is pretty good for a month.
3. Debt of 12.50 cr from the year 2018 as per financials with a profit of 90 lacs and turnover of 46 crore

Would like to request my esteemed commenters not to make comments without looking into the details and defame the company unnecessary. These information are readily available.
Stock Watch
18. Stock Watch  Feb 7, 2019 16:39
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priya singhal
18.1. priya singhal  Feb 8, 2019 10:08
Wow. This is so amazing. Jai HIND. Jai BHARAT!
very nicee.
18.2. SMEconsultants  Feb 8, 2019 14:52
Seriously? Does Tesla buys from India?
To The Point
17. To The Point  Feb 8, 2019 11:41
The Point is the Company is good, must subscribe, No matter whether MB is new or his is first, MAKE PROFIT
16. smeanalysts  Feb 7, 2019 12:08
They have taken 27 crore loan with only 87 lakh profit made by company

this one will be available at 5 rs in few months. Please dont put money in this one
Also LM is not known to anyone .
it is company where lead manager will sell on listing day and give you choona.
16.2. SMEconsultants  Feb 8, 2019 09:54
Lead manager never invests in a company. It is responsibility of lead manager to subscribe the issue and not invests himself. Further, it is the market maker who invests 5% of chunk of issue size and not lead manager. So how come come without investing lead manager would sell. Please correct me if I m wrong
priya singhal
16.3. priya singhal  Feb 8, 2019 09:58
Sir, have you studies the fundamentals of the company?
15. dbkitr  Feb 7, 2019 23:23
Even in such market the company and this new Merchant Banker has come out of the issue ; it clearly indicates it's a technical issue and the promoter himself is infusing funds and they want retail investor to remain out of the issue; this company is looking very attractive from a long term perspective given the company background and fundamentals
Deepak Kharwad
14. Deepak Kharwad  Feb 7, 2019 23:16
I would rather say don't be judgemental about the LM; rather study the fundamentals and forward looking statements of the company; this is the first IPO of the LM and I can surely say they don't want to make it their last; so I assume they might have done their extensive due diligence and then only gone ahead of the issue and they will also go extra mile for successful listing of the issue as the fate of their existence is dependent on this issue
13. smeanalysts  Feb 7, 2019 09:44
No track record of lead manager. It's a clear avoid . The order book is too low
Fair value is 10 rs.
Carn Mohan
12. Carn Mohan  Feb 6, 2019 17:52
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (700+ Posts, 200+ Likes)
Pantamath LM, SME ipo " Inovvative tyres and tubes Ltd" trading with 60% discount ipo price 46 current price 21 very poor.
Priyanka Meghwal
11. Priyanka Meghwal  Feb 6, 2019 16:24
Can anyone tell me where it has written in drhp they sale the stock to Tesla!!! Further, how is this industry in longer term?
10. smeanalysts  Feb 5, 2019 16:08
Below message is for anmol sme
9. smeanalysts  Feb 5, 2019 15:15
I am caution again to everyone like KPI too. Just simply boycott fraud lead manager like navigant. Capital corporate. I have written to SEBI as well on how they are coming up with issues after being paid hefty amount from company. Such lead manager like navigant capital corporate never act like market maker and in fact their all issue price drift lower. Just simply ignore such lead manager as SME are not dependent on fundamentals but good LM.
8. smeanalysts  Feb 5, 2019 15:11
Mridul. below is from navigant it's lead manager. Not sure how this lead manager has come again to fool public. 90 pc of this lead manager issues are available at discount
Mridul Khandelwal
7. Mridul Khandelwal  Feb 5, 2019 14:41
I have thoroughly studied the DRHP of the company, have also analysed the financial statements of the company. The company has shown a clear increase in revenue in the past years. The company has also been able to manage its working capital more effectively and efficiently.
The management of the company holds the required competence to run the day to day operations of the company. The company also has some reputed clients like John Deere, Oerlikon, Bharat Gears and endurance technologies.
I think this company is an ideal buy for value investing
7.1. traderji  Feb 5, 2019 14:50
Looks like company marketing agent.This is your first post.........
Swati Chitlangia
6. Swati Chitlangia  Feb 5, 2019 14:20
I guess the for investing in a company, the fundamentals of the company should be seen rather than the Merchant Bankers.
5. smeanalysts  Feb 4, 2019 10:35
Never apply in any new leadmanager issue .check what happened to saeveshwar foods
Never heard of this leadmanager at all. Simply avoidno matter how fundamentals are
Jai D. Patel
4. Jai D. Patel  Feb 4, 2019 08:49
now, my portfolio is 61% down!!!!
Priyanka Meghwal
3. Priyanka Meghwal  Feb 2, 2019 19:47
I have gone through with the Drhp. Where this has been mentioned that they supply to Tesla.
Small Investor
2. Small Investor  Jan 31, 2019 16:13
IPO Guru IPO Guru (1400+ Posts, 700+ Likes)
Fundamentals of this Good and Should be Subscribes for Listing gain
black & white hat
2.1. black & white hat  Feb 2, 2019 12:47
Right, Co. is good even he is one of supplier of Tesla and developed some unique manufacturing processes with help of foreign companies..

but LM is the main concern...
Stock Predictor
1. Stock Predictor  Jan 31, 2019 14:42
I think new Merchant Banker.


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