Kranti Industries Limited IPO Message Board (Page 2)

39. smeanalysts  Feb 12, 2019 10:11
Stay away market maker is smc gLobal with very bad reputation
38. smeanalysts  Feb 11, 2019 13:03
Value investing growth
Stop making Nonsense comments. Ritco listed at 77
There has been no lc on Friday as well as today. Stock will perform good even in long run. Just wait and watch.
Priyanka Meghwal
38.9. Priyanka Meghwal  Feb 11, 2019 23:19
Smeanalysts- anyone disagrees with you become company's agent. I simple said the Ritco price nose dived. Now whether volume happens or not investor lost money. And please don't be abusive.
38.10. smeanalysts  Feb 12, 2019 08:41
Can you please explain how and when ritco price nosedived. Do you know meaning of nosedive. Noone lost anything in ritco but in kranti everyone will lose money
Darsh ipo
37. Darsh ipo  Feb 11, 2019 23:13
Rajkot which broker give a 1000 and 3500 kranti...plz...telll
36. smeanalysts  Feb 11, 2019 17:12
people it will list at discount. see the company agents work is only to promote this company shows they have no confidence on getting issue subscribed.

lets make it no subscription at all and let company agent subscribe and put fake bids
35. smeanalysts  Feb 11, 2019 15:01
it is pathetic issue. please avoid at all cost.
high debt
no name for lead manager
have post losses for many years and just before ipo shown profit

smc global market maker have very bad track record .

Please avoid this as fair price is not more than 15 rs.
Small Investor
35.3. Small Investor  Mar 1, 2019 16:03
IPO Guru IPO Guru (1400+ Posts, 700+ Likes)
@ Dinesh ji jb aapko phle hi Apply krne k li mna kiya tha to kyo Apply kiya h Is Ipo m
But now i think that Operator handle this stock as a same of Bright Solar
But Mindpool ne Mind khrab kr diya h Investors ka
Priyanka Meghwal
35.4. Priyanka Meghwal  Mar 7, 2019 17:42
Smeanalysts- aap Keh rahe thae ki yeh company 20 rs pe aa jaaygegi... lead manager fail ho jaayega.. abhi aapka kuch reply aa nahi raha hai... mindpool 25 rs & kranti 37 pe trade kar raha hai with good volume. Kuch boliye sir
Small Investor
34. Small Investor  Feb 11, 2019 14:57
IPO Guru IPO Guru (1400+ Posts, 700+ Likes)
I Will go for Apply in Kranti and Mindpool
Priyanka Meghwal
33. Priyanka Meghwal  Feb 11, 2019 13:47
Kranti industry- Application rate Rs 1000
S to S: 3500
Rajkot broker quoted
32. Valueinvestinggrowth  Feb 11, 2019 12:52
Smeanalysts- you are making your own fun. Plz check the ritco price. It is seller circuit and readin at Rs 69.55. Investors have bleeded heavily on your recommended. Back to back seller circuit in ritco. Beware from smeanalyst
31. smeanalysts  Feb 11, 2019 06:40
This company has been posting losses earlier and just before IPO it came into profits. They have huge debt and low profits. Also market maker is not trustworthy with earlier bad track record. Please avoid this otherwise get ready to lose money.
Tally Experts
30. Tally Experts  Feb 9, 2019 11:14
mujhe SME IPO m Invest krna h koi bta sakta h inme se konsa Stock Acha Rhega
Innovators fasad
softtech engineers
oswal seeds
lexus granito
CMM Projects
Sarveshwar Foods
Jhandewala Foods
Lagnam Spintex
kyoki all above stock are below issue prices and Resealable prices
pls help
Tally Experts
29. Tally Experts  Feb 9, 2019 11:10
Everyone i am new in Stock Market
28. smeanalysts  Feb 9, 2019 10:24 Senior has barred smc global many times. Please ignore tgeese fraudsters.
27. smeanalysts  Feb 9, 2019 10:15 it's lead manager smc global has already. Been in sebi lens. Please avoid at all cost. The lead manager track record is too pathetic. Read all states of LM please
Priyanka Meghwal
26. Priyanka Meghwal  Feb 9, 2019 00:51
The tiger of sme stocks Mr dilip dawda has clearly said the company is very good buy in long term. Must buy. His words cant be ignored simply.
Small Investor
26.1. Small Investor  Feb 9, 2019 09:58
IPO Guru IPO Guru (1400+ Posts, 700+ Likes)
But Few Time Dilip Dawda's call Wrong
Ex.Surani Steel,Ritco,Shubhlaxmi Jewelles,Waa Solar,Akshar Spintex,Lagnam Spintex,Mac Hotels,Dolfin Rubber
latest Surani Steel Issue price 52 and Now almost 57
Shubhlaxmi Jewels almost 50 from 26
25. smeanalysts  Feb 9, 2019 09:53
Absolutely disgraceful and.huge debt. Stay away. Buy universal auto foundry and from listed space. Thai lead manager is promoting so much. It is first and last name of LM like sarveshwar foods. Please avoid this sme at any cost and save your hard earn Monet
24. smeanalysts  Feb 8, 2019 22:28
Avoid this small high debt company with new lead manager. This will be first and last issue for LM.
23. smeanalysts  Feb 8, 2019 14:08
Following reason to not invest in company as neither it has fundamental and nor LM has any track record

1) company has huge debt and very low profits
2) order book is too low
3) New LM has shown bad track records like sarveshwar foods LM
4) no profit can be made in both short term and long term
23.1. SMEconsultants  Feb 8, 2019 14:43
Like you said LM is new, hoe come they have a track record now?
23.2. smeanalysts  Feb 8, 2019 22:27
Haha you yourself proved incorrect. Ritco will reward investor .Look at the buy quantity and the business model. Stop comparing this small ckmpaNy with ritco logistic who has large domestic clieNt turnover of 350 crore and profit of 10 crore. Check the number of vehicles and warehouse capacity of RITCo. My comments are 100 pc correct
.Also it is now proven with all first message of people k this section that company kranti industries is marketing now using company and LM people and not confident of retailer putting money. Do as much promotion you can .Mostly many will avoid .
hajarimal prajapati
22. hajarimal prajapati  Feb 8, 2019 18:18
application rate 800
s2s 3600
Stock Analyst Amisha
21. Stock Analyst Amisha  Feb 8, 2019 17:46
This message has been removed by a moderator.
20. smeanalysts  Feb 8, 2019 12:26
they have 27 crore loan and order book is just 6 crore.

the most pathetic SME in recent time. stay away.

company agents doing full promotion to loot you
20.2. smeanalysts  Feb 8, 2019 13:24
Company agents like you are being paid to not allow anything to be written against company. Meghna pehle yeh batao what is wrong in above message. It is based on facts that this company has huge debts and very low profits. Please explain company se aapko kitni salary milti hai
Priyanka Meghwal
20.3. Priyanka Meghwal  Feb 8, 2019 15:53
With due respect sir, the way you look after company's in the similar way I analyse the company. First of all what constantly you are Repeating that company is has very meagre profits. Please check the Ebidta of compnay which is generating 4-5 crore & even cash flow from operating activity is roughly 4-5 crore every year. Its the warrant buffet who said " Don't just look at profits since it is just one barometer but part from that how much cash a company is generating and where company is utilising such cash. Company has utilised its cash flow from operating activities to expand or invest in business. Please sir read properly Drhp. Further investing is my passion so just like you were giving recommendation calls for RITCO I talk about this company.


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