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Solution of Queries
391. Solution of Queries  Nov 15, 2017 10:31
IPO Guru IPO Guru (1100+ Posts, 1400+ Likes)
Even Mahindra & Gic chance to exit at cost to cost...but khadim totally disappointed...not come evn at cost on listing....!!
390. rvr  Nov 15, 2017 10:01
khadim margaya
390.1. PRIYANKA BANSAL  Nov 15, 2017 10:26
Sabse bekar Ipo ... PAGAL BANA GAYA
Sunil Acharya
390.2. Sunil Acharya  Nov 27, 2017 10:59
I got one allotment at 750/- and its 695/- totally loss Bekar IPO. Should I keep or sell this to avoid big loss
389. rvr  Nov 14, 2017 15:34
I have avoided the following ipo''s
Pratap snacks
SBI Insurance
ICICI Lombard
hdfc insurance

Dont apply if nothing left on the table more than 10%

389.3. rvr  Nov 14, 2017 20:16
yes khemka ji point in juzt participating
Solution of Queries
389.4. Solution of Queries  Nov 15, 2017 10:11
IPO Guru IPO Guru (1100+ Posts, 1400+ Likes)
Yeah almost same except GIC......!! but by luck i cut above cost in GIC also...
388. rvr  Nov 15, 2017 10:01
khadim margaya
387. ipohariom  Nov 15, 2017 00:38
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387.1. yazoo  Nov 15, 2017 09:45
Who will buy bharat 22 with a bunch of underperformer psus for 3% discount when govt ipos like nic gic are down 14%
Market kid
386. Market kid  Nov 14, 2017 13:08
If forum members(especially gurus) dont want any post from my side then ok i will not post.
But just read this awesome song,

I''m only human
I''m only, I''m only
I''m only human, human

Maybe I''m foolish
Maybe I''m blind
Thinking I can see through this
And see what''s behind
Got no way to prove it
So maybe I''m blind
But I''m only human after all
I''m only human after all
Don''t put your blame on me
Don''t put your blame on me

Take a look in the mirror
And what do you see
Do you see it clearer
Or are you deceived
In what you believe
''Cause I''m only human after all
You''re only human after all
Don''t put the blame on me
Don''t put your blame on me

Some people got the real problems
Some people out of luck
Some people think I can solve them
Lord heavens above
I''m only human after all
I''m only human after all
Don''t put the blame on me
Don''t put the blame on me

Don''t ask my opinion
Don''t ask me to lie
Then beg for forgiveness
For making you cry
Making you cry
''Cause I''m only human after all
I''m only human after all
Don''t put your blame on me
Don''t put the blame on me

Oh, some people got the real problems
Some people out of luck
Some people think I can solve them
Lord heavens above
I''m only human after all
I''m only human after all
Don''t put the blame on me
Don''t put the blame on me

I''m only human
I make mistakes
I''m only human
That''s all it takes
To put the blame on me
Don''t put the blame on me

I''m no prophet or Messiah
Should go looking somewhere higher
I''m only human after all
I''m only human after all
Don''t put the blame on me
Don''t put the blame on me

I''m only human
I do what I can
I''m just a man
I do what I can
Don''t put the blame on me
Don''t put your blame on me
Market kid
386.8. Market kid  Nov 14, 2017 23:37
Really bjp or Congress? ??
There is very dirty game in politics My dear friends, that''s the only reason we lagging decades behind western countries .

Our people (including me) are very judging type so even if hundreds of modi come then also they can''t do anything

I came here in India 3 years ago but really man till now not so good experience.

Everybody just complaining for their situations, no one ready to understand that they living under current situation due to themselves only, they are the only responsible for this mess ,not others

Sorry for this message and requesting admin to delete. Off topic. but just keep remain song.
386.9. Kenny  Nov 14, 2017 23:42
Market Kid posted lyrics are of song " Human " sung by - Rag''n''Bone Man
Sagar Hirani
385. Sagar Hirani  Nov 14, 2017 22:57
Please keep 2 minutes of silence for Khadim allotees.........a6a hua next IPO me kam bhid hogi ab.....
ipo share
384. ipo share  Nov 14, 2017 22:53
It reminded me listing of S Chand in which I booked loss and that experience made me to look for valuation matrix before investing.
Khadim did not find buying support at any level, hence went drifting downwards without any bounce back.
Request to pl study details before investing in future IPOs. Don''t just follow others. The money belongs to you.
Good luck.
ipo share
383. ipo share  Nov 14, 2017 21:27
I had requested retail brothers on 13.11.17 at 10.44 pm itself to sell khadim as soon as it lists to avoid loss. Hope, they could escape the wrath.
Again request to apply only if valuation parameters are favourable otherwise just keep distance from such greedy promoters and their so called QIB supporters who aim to lure retail investors into their trap.
Such IPOs only benefit promoters who sell shares at sky high valuations on the back of favourable market conditions.
382. Arunblr  Nov 14, 2017 20:18

Moneycontrol Research
Value investors as a norm do not like to invest in initial public offerings (IPO). Most of them publicly disclose their aversion to it and advice retail investors to stay away from it.
As recently as in 2016, Warren Buffett, the quintessential value investor, once again reiterated his revulsion for IPOs. 2016 was a good year for IPOs in the US but Buffett said that he couldn''t care less about those who have struck it rich in the frenzy of IPO activity in recent years.
“You don’t have to really worry about what’s really going on in IPOs. People win lotteries every day but there''s no reason to let that affect your investing strategy at all,” Buffett said at Berkshire Hathaway’s 2016 annual shareholder meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. “You have to find what makes sense and follow your own course.”
Indian markets have recently witnessed a spate of IPOs but a look at their performance and one can understand why Buffett and his contemporaries prefer to stay away.
Out of the 30 IPOs that tapped the market in the calendar year 2017, 60 percent of them could not beat the broad market return. In fact, over one-third of the issues have given negative returns.
To be fair there were five issues which delivered more than 100 percent returns, but if one considers the numbers of share that were allocated to the lucky few then the actual returns on the amount invested come down considerably.
Unlike the secondary market where there are many buyers and sellers and thus price discovery is possible, IPOs are a one-sided game. A company that is approaching the market, through its merchant bankers, decides the price at which it will issue. If the market conditions are not right they might choose to delay the issue.
Many issues over the past few years in India are offered for sale. In such a type of issue, either the promoter or a private equity investor is looking at exiting their earlier investment.
Professionals view this as an insider with nearly all information who wants to cash out of the company. This could either mean that the future prospect of the business is not too good or the markets are hyped enough to give them a good exit at the high valuation. Both these events are reason enough for a professional investor to stay away from such companies.
This does not mean that all IPOs are bad. Retail investors are still on the look-out for the next Infosys or TCS. But such issues are rare and even if such companies do tap the market the issues are always over-priced. Professional investors patiently wait to participate in such companies when its value comes down below market price.
Retail investors, on the other hand, invest in IPOs for what is termed by analysts as ‘listing gains’. It is this word that sucks in a lot of retail players and proves the professionals'' view on IPOs to be correct.
381. Aniketiaf  Nov 14, 2017 19:47
IPO Guru IPO Guru (1400+ Posts, 8400+ Likes)
It''s political but just on lighter way -
Nehru''s love for children was so effective that his great grandson refuses to grow beyond a child !!! ????
Happy children''s day.
380. Marwari  Nov 14, 2017 19:22
Bharat 22 etf
3% discount for retailers or all catagorys.
Jain vivek
380.1. Jain vivek  Nov 14, 2017 19:24
379. jajodia  Nov 14, 2017 11:54
Buy Khadims India for 10 years target 3000 RS .
379.3. techuser  Nov 14, 2017 18:18
Top Contributor Top Contributor (300+ Posts, 300+ Likes)
Bhai 10 sal me to aakh bandh kar ke koi bhi sher lelo itana return to dega hi :)
379.4. BullOverBear  Nov 14, 2017 19:11
Top Contributor Top Contributor (300+ Posts, 100+ Likes)

Koi bhi share? kuchh zyada ho gya :)
Mann Ki Baat
378. Mann Ki Baat  Nov 14, 2017 17:20
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (500+ Posts, 500+ Likes)
Khadim India - Mera Joota Fake Leather Dil ChhiChha Ledar
Carn Mohan
377. Carn Mohan  Nov 14, 2017 17:10
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (700+ Posts, 200+ Likes)
Aj chala jam kay retailers
377.1. Khemka  Nov 14, 2017 17:17
IPO Guru IPO Guru (1000+ Posts, 400+ Likes)
you mean khadim shoes on retailers face ??
376. Chetanpatel  Nov 14, 2017 15:29
In this time we should away from ipo market
376.2. PB  Nov 14, 2017 15:56
We should also boycott Khadim footwear for that matter.
376.3. Chetanpatel  Nov 14, 2017 16:44
But i don''t know how we can check up that it is over price ipo.
375. tnk  Nov 14, 2017 11:37
800 ka juta(chappal) chori ho gaya...
375.1. juju  Nov 14, 2017 16:24
Top Contributor Top Contributor (300+ Posts, 300+ Likes)
20 jodi?
375.2. Msharma  Nov 14, 2017 16:37
Agali baar manga juta pahanana.
374. samsbj  Nov 14, 2017 10:46
Exit from Khadim or keep for bit long term, it may fall below 700 soon..
374.2. samsbj  Nov 14, 2017 14:31
Lets check support level of 688..
374.3. samsbj  Nov 14, 2017 16:01
Now, In Day 1 OR 2 it will show bounce back..
373. Chetanpatel  Nov 14, 2017 15:28
Khadim gets new day low at 687
Neha Mohit
373.1. Neha Mohit  Nov 14, 2017 15:46
it is 677...
372. rvr  Nov 14, 2017 11:05
Retailers why to participated and got the lot....that is more important...why to worry loss....Keep participating and let promotors loot the retailers...I want to see 50 % down type of IPO to give good teaching to retailers...over greed people spoiled the IPO market
372.1. rvr  Nov 14, 2017 15:12
Just want to see 10 % down.....retailers- lesson 1


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