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528. Prasanna  Jan 25, 2008 23:18
Please contact 3i Infotech by registered post. Send a covering letter, DD with interest penalty of 15% p.a per share (roughly 0.16 Re per share per day from Dec 22 - its roughly 35 days already and Registered post takes 3-4 days to reach) and courier to 3i infotech's maratha mandir office with a covering letter quoting ur application number and demat account details incl. depository code.
 Yogendra Singh
527.  Yogendra Singh  Jan 25, 2008 16:19

Dear Sir,

I have been allotted 108 shares of icici bank during fpo issue and shares have been dully posted in my dmat acct. Second installment payment i made on july 11/07.I have not received any intimation regarding final payment. could you guide me please.

with warm regards

Yogendra Singh
Dr.Subodh Kr Gupta
526. Dr.Subodh Kr Gupta  Jan 20, 2008 20:01
till now i have received no final call notice.now iam facing problem in sending remaining money in the absence of final call notice number.would u provide me final call notice no. on my e-mail id my account details r as follows; IN302902-41932054
525. Kams  Jan 18, 2008 17:59
Where on Karvy site I can get the duplicat call notice for 2nd call of Rs.250/share? Please send me the link.
524. Mohit  Jan 18, 2008 13:04

I have 36 ICICI bank partial paid shares in my account, however I have not received any communication on how to convert them into fully paid.

Can anyone guide me on this?

523. Praveen  Jan 18, 2008 00:00
It happend to me during first instalment. If you karvy they will send you duplicate call notice. You may visit their website to get duplicate call notice.

522. Kams  Jan 17, 2008 23:32
I have done the part payment (Rs.250/share) on application and then I directly received final call letter (Rs.390/share), which I paid on time too. However I did NOT receive any notice for paying the 2nd call payment. Probably due to this, I an not able to allocate shares in my Demat for trading. How can I do the pending payment? How dow I check what the issue is? Please advise..
521. ramesh  Jan 15, 2008 15:23
can anyone using icicidirect.com suggest how to remove icipps from demat balance.I have received iciban fully paid shares in my account. both appear in demat balance, which creates confusion.
ravi kumar agrawal
520. ravi kumar agrawal  Jan 14, 2008 16:53
first i paid the amount by cheque,then information was received that the cheque has bounced,so isend the amount by DD.in the meantime cheque was encashed.till now,neither the share has been received neither the excess amount DD has been received
519. Prasanna  Jan 12, 2008 14:37
I have not received call notice and came to know of the call only through this page. ICICI bank has removed the link and I am not from Mumbai. Please tell me how can I get a copy of the CALL LETTER so that I can pay the balance amount through a DD. Karvy says they cant help and I must contact 3i Infotech. Their office phone is constantly ringing.
518. Sanjay  Jan 11, 2008 04:41
pp shares got debited from my account but no fully paid shares got credited. any idea why? i have paid the final amount.
Vikas Arya
517. Vikas Arya  Jan 10, 2008 17:48
I posted ICICI bank FPO final call money on 1/1/2008 at 3i infotech address mumbai, till now shares have not been credited to my demat account. When these shares will be credited to my accoun or how can i check the status of final call money.
Vikas arya delhi
516. sree  Jan 8, 2008 09:21
I also received fully paid shares for trading today in my demat
515. Ashish  Jan 8, 2008 08:57
I also received fully paid shares for trading today in my demat
514. sunil  Jan 8, 2008 07:43
today i received fully paid shares in my demat account
513. ravi  Jan 7, 2008 14:56
As per the prospectus, 45th day of record date.(or 15th day of the final day of payment of second call notice) That is today. But I still don't see them in my demat account. Did any one called found out with the bank? or 3infotech.


512. Sridhar  Jan 7, 2008 12:09
Hi every one, any idea when fully paid shares will be credited?
deepak kappor
511. deepak kappor  Jan 2, 2008 17:40
can any body tell me that i sold my all shers of icici that i got frm ist payment & 2nd call money payment of rs 500-250+250=500 i sold that sahres but i did;t sold my last call money shares who are still listed on exchage @390,250+250+390=890 fpo,nw 3iinfotech people told me that u are not liable to pay the last call money letter cos u sold all urs shares,now wt a robeers icici bank they will get the profit of rs 12500, of every shareholder who sold thre shares on looses,
510. ravi  Dec 31, 2007 13:15
Does any one know, when the fully paid shares are going to be listed and when we will receive it in our portfolio?

509. nitin  Dec 28, 2007 17:07
till date i have not received the call notice what to do now.

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