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333. NIZ  Dec 30, 2007 16:30
ECLERX is expected to list at 355
332. shankar  Dec 30, 2007 14:19
Please read the follwing comments which were posted on Do not worry, it will give handsome return.
eClerx Services, provides data analytics and customised process solutions to global enterprise clients, is likely to list at around Rs 400-500, according to experts. They also advised that one can remain invested in the stock.

R S Iyer of K R Choksey Securities said, "eclerx Services is likely to open around Rs 400-500. One should book profits above Rs 450."

"Its deep domain knowledge, unique business model, proven delivery model, ever increasing clientele base, consistent Y-O-Y growth over the last four years will drive the growth of eClerx Services Limited. Investors can remain invested in the stock with a medium to long term view", Arpit Agrawal Head of Research, Arihant capital markets said.

According to Investment Advisor, S P Tulsian, "eClerx Services is likely to get listed on Monday at Rs 390 as against the IPO price of Rs 315 per share. Profit booking is advised upto Rs 375."
331. Anil  Dec 30, 2007 01:45

Please give some solid reason on why stock will fall below listing price.... I understand IT is not doing good but my guess is it will approximately list around 360 to 380... I could be wrong
330. Anonymous  Dec 29, 2007 20:17
I know at least of 10 people including me who applied for full 1 lac, ie max retail limit.

No one got any allotment!

Any one sensing a fraud here ? Should CBI enquire this ?
329. Arun  Dec 29, 2007 18:06
This stock will go below issue price on listing .sell it in morning as many people will sell it quickly in the morning.
sell it in morning at 355 its opening price as its going to fall to 240 rs
328. TB  Dec 29, 2007 02:14

Given the business model of the company, there are no comparable listed players in India . However, on a broader ITES business, we have compared it with Firstsource Solutions. At the offer price band of Rs 270-315, the stock discounts its FY08E earnings of Rs 17.3 and Rs 17.8 (at lower and upper band respectively) by 15.6x – 17.7x. Although, this compares well against Firstsource on margins and P/E valuation, we believe that the issue is expensive on a market cap- to-sales ratio.

Going forward, we believe margins are likely to decline further, given the appreciating rupee scenario with it’s high exposure to US markets along with increase in tax burden. We advise investors to avoid the issue.

Peer valuation (FY08E estimates
327. TB  Dec 29, 2007 01:46
Sell on listing.Nothing gr8 about this company.
Will fall down after listing.sell if given chance anything above issue has very less profit this quarter compared to previous one.lacklustre performance. infact switch over to Brigade Ltd .Construction stocks are soaring and also look at the clients tata coffee,cisco ,ttk pretige,mindtree.
sell eclerx and switch over to brigade.
look at all construction stocks DLF,unitech,hdil,parsvnath,omaxe,lanco,blkashyap,tantia constr,lanco every stock given between 50% to 400%
326. Vikram  Dec 28, 2007 21:51
Hi N. K. Jain,
Check the BSE notice for listing information at:
325. Vikram  Dec 28, 2007 21:47
S P Tulsian

eClerx Services is likely to get listed on Monday at Rs.390 as against the IPO price of Rs.315 per share.
324. RAJENDRA  Dec 28, 2007 13:44
HI INDIAN Please give BSE code no. of Indmerbank. Thanks. This refers your big message on this site.
323. nitya  Dec 27, 2007 15:13
Hallo frnds.i appllied in full lot for eclerx application
no.31636816 im checking allotment status on karvy but suprisingly dosnt show any result of allotment.even my DP isnt showing refund till date.

im worried where my application gone as the said amnt is already been credited fm my bank.

Given to undstnd the shares getting listed in day or two and im blank with the allotment.

can anybody help with the application status.....
322. BUSYTONE  Dec 27, 2007 14:11
dear friends Phone companies provide special ring tomes one of which are Enganed Ring Tome, Second one is lines are busy please try after some time. hope you understand yhe mechanism better now, happy new year and goodluck.
Mayank Goel
321. Mayank Goel  Dec 27, 2007 10:58
Hello Friends , i got 20 share of eclerx but i a still waiting
for the refund...i dont know what to do , i tried to contact
karvy but there phone is always busy...What should i do now ??..
N. K. Jain
320. N. K. Jain  Dec 27, 2007 09:35
Friends there is a Great Confussion on the Site as they have mentioned the Listing Date is 31/12/2007 but on the Karvy Site it is mentioned 28/12/2007 for eClerix Listing. I am confused because none of the site seems to be irresponsible
319. kapoor  Dec 27, 2007 00:33
Rahul how u come to know about Varun industries do u have any other stock specific information
318. Rahul  Dec 26, 2007 23:38
Brothers tomorrow blockbuster will be Varun Industries it will hit 20% upper circut!!!!!!!
Do track this counter to make quick gains.
317. prashant  Dec 26, 2007 22:20
Can anybody tell me the mode of despatch of refund. Is it send through by ordinary Dak or through registered one or ECS for JAIPUR. I didn't get my refind till date
316. prashant  Dec 26, 2007 22:17
314. Neha
listing date
315. Ashok  Dec 26, 2007 20:44
To 316 Mahesh,
you got 20 shares (Applied for 80 only.)
I got 21 only applied in full....
314. mahesh  Dec 26, 2007 19:14
please give me the allotment ststus of app. no.


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