DRA Consultants Ltd IPO Message Board (Page 3)

4. SNBC  Oct 1, 2016 14:59
company has siphoned of all the reserves on books by giving bonus issue of 800 shares for 1 held and also it is showing order book of 110 cr but at the bottom it says orders may get cancelled as they are govt orders.
i doubt on the future earnings capability.
dont just look at pe, also look at future growth possibilities
4.1. KAJLA  Oct 1, 2016 16:54
As per DRF Company has cash surplus of 409 lakhs in invested same in MF & Other instruments for 15-16 and working capital requirement also get decreased in 15-16
why company is raising fund where as itself having surpus fund ?
3. IPOcket  Oct 1, 2016 00:44
PE on current year earnings = 5.24
PE on avg earnings of part 2 qtrs = 6.7
Also, seems to be in a good sector - one which is currently growing.
Hence, looks to be a very reasonably priced issue.
unfortunately, waiting to get out of crown so I can apply here ;-)
3.1. KAJLA  Oct 1, 2016 12:09
By going through DRF there are three big order which have been concelled by Delhi jal board which seems there may be big concern for going forward
Is there have any one who is having any idea about its current operations?
Otherwise no will sell its share at such low price
2. DURAISWAMY  Sep 30, 2016 15:15
how to find out p/e ?
1. Durairaj,Tiruppur  Sep 28, 2016 22:43
Top Contributor Top Contributor (300+ Posts)
Seems to be a reasonably priced one with with good p/e

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