Cambridge Technology Enterprises Ltd IPO Message Board (Page 2)

82. prafulla  Feb 5, 2007 22:01
i have applied 300, allotted is zero, i dont really understand, how they made the allocation..........
raj kumar singh
81. raj kumar singh  Feb 5, 2007 10:28
i applied for 750 share applicatio no 4001926 what is the status of allotment
80. mindnmoney  Feb 5, 2007 09:40
Stay invested.. Will jump above 60 Levels very shortly after listing (few days, not more than 30 days.). I do reseach & then write.. In ..I blog under mindnmoney.
Dinesh M
79. Dinesh M  Feb 5, 2007 09:00
allotment is finally done. Bigshare managent should think carefully about its working. i got 13.99% allotment compared to my bid amount. i expect the share to gain very well on listing. those invested in ipo will definitely earn. their patience will pay.
78. pankaj  Feb 5, 2007 06:52
thanks..shares alloctaed finally..when is the listing now?
ritesh ranjan
77. ritesh ranjan  Feb 4, 2007 09:44
CTEL IPO was over subscribed 6 times. I applied for 1200 shares. SO I should get 200(approx). but I have got 165 only.
How come it is possible like this. Retail portion was overbought more than overall or what ?
My application no is 4004184
76. Lrry  Feb 4, 2007 05:01
Hello Guys,

Allotment is out finally .. Thanks god.. Stupid company.

sanjay gupta
75. sanjay gupta  Feb 4, 2007 02:18
check for allotment status.
74. avdhesh  Feb 4, 2007 01:53
are they cheating with us. compnies whose ipo,s were closed after this all were alloted. is there any different with this CTEL
73. ritesh  Feb 4, 2007 01:10
main to phans gaya yaaro is CTEL ipo ke chakkar mein
72. Jignesh  Feb 4, 2007 00:15
Today is 3rd feb. Still no any update for allotment. Does any body have informantion?
71. nafish  Feb 4, 2007 00:06
i hope it not will be cheating share .......coz i apply alot but till now i feel in dark mode
70. sanjay  Feb 3, 2007 22:26
Check your ICICI Direct A/c. the A/c has been credited with CTEPL Shares.
69. ak  Feb 3, 2007 11:28
this ipo waste our time and money when the allotment status is unknow then the future seems as dark.
can there is any way that we can take refund from the company.
ritesh ranjan
68. ritesh ranjan  Feb 3, 2007 08:58
Global Broadcast News Limited(GBN) IPO was closed on Jan 18, 2007.
IPO Allotment Status is now ( February 2, 2007) available for Global Broadcast News

Autoline Industries Limited IPO was closed on January 12, 2007.
IPO Allotment Status was available for Autoline Industries
Limited IPO since Jan 24, 2007.

Cambridge Technology Enterprises Limited (CTEL) IPO was closed on January 9, 2007.
IPO Allotment Status is still not available on date (February 2, 2007).

Lesson: Do not apply in IPO whose registrar is BIGSHARE.
67. investor  Feb 3, 2007 08:17
I also got an email from the company telling that from 2nd feb onwards you will be able to see the allotment done. but all farce and false.
66. investor  Feb 3, 2007 08:12
CTE sucks. bigshare sucks too much. they are earning interest on escrow money of investors.
65. skbhasa  Feb 3, 2007 05:05
Desperatly waiting for allotment details. Are they going to postpone listing from 7th feb? Becuase allotment is not yet done.
64. arvind  Feb 3, 2007 04:41
bigshareonline sucks! what the hell are the doing with allotment details - it so pathetic CTEL is not taking any action - it is now over 24 days and weekend they wont do anything - suckers so it lets hope monday i.e. over 27 days after issue closed !!!!!
63. puneet  Feb 3, 2007 02:21
what the hell why arent they posting the allotment


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