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Deepak Dudi
213. Deepak Dudi  Oct 12, 2011 16:57
Jackpot thx sir for giving me knowledge about IPO i have not applied for any other IPO any sugession.and RDB i have stop loss on 18 will it go 2 or 3 rs up in few days...
212. Jackpoat  Oct 10, 2011 22:07
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Mr Deepak Dudi, fair value of share RS 10(May seen within 3 months).So dont invest in it for 6 months.Try to recover your losses fron another ipo.Never take long position on low grade ipo.Close your position on listing day.close your RDB position on wednesday.If wed it is trading positive then you may wait and close position part by part.Buy Brooks lab on market opening ASAP because it will go upper circut few days.Invested in it till it is upper circuit 5%(Short Term).Then Close your position when it breaks upper circuit.Because there after it may go to lower circuit every careful .
In ipo trading if ipo breaks 20% lower then issue price,reach days low then close your open position and initiate new short position(2 times of your long position).Trade with strict STOPLOSS.
you are applied any recent ipo?
gundu anna
211. gundu anna  Oct 6, 2011 21:09
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Start buying brooks now
210. Jinnie  Sep 7, 2011 09:50
sk dashji

thankyou for your reply. i have replied to you sir.
Raghu bhai
209. Raghu bhai  Sep 7, 2011 03:47
Read 197&122
Sid KD
208. Sid KD  Sep 6, 2011 21:05
Didn't applied again safe....
207. SkDash  Sep 6, 2011 14:55
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KKN- Lessons will come and will never end, but why are you missing shopping opp. Also due to yr absence, mkt is sleeping flat. Ok, we will wait till that day, when u ll b free
KK Natarajan
206. KK Natarajan  Sep 6, 2011 14:19
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Dear SkDash,
I was not doing trading for the past 20 days or so due to commitments. I now feel like a student who has missed a lot of lessons and needs to update. I will do that and be back to active trading after about 2 weeks by which time I will be totally free.
Ravi, Bangalore
205. Ravi, Bangalore  Sep 6, 2011 12:11
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202. CLD

100 is Low Price - not Open Price at first minute; 120 was yesterday's Open Price. I was watching my lap-tap closely at first two minutes.

If no strategy works, then how did you made 30k profit. I made just over 10k. If you don't have stratefy, then even making Rs.100 profit is very difficult!
204. SkDash  Sep 6, 2011 09:36
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Brooks down 11%. Now hell is the limit, i think
chaitu s
203. chaitu s  Sep 6, 2011 09:05
seems this chapter is closed ...likely to hover in this range & may go further down
202. SkDash  Sep 6, 2011 08:33
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I thought you wee out for shopping from Brooks gain :)


Welcome to Chittorgarh
KK Natarajan
201. KK Natarajan  Sep 6, 2011 06:03
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Hi Guys,

I am back.

It seems I missed the Brooks Laboratories party, where many people have made easy money. Had I been around I would have at least shorted when it breached the issue price on its way down. Congratulations for friends like Sreedhar, Ravi Bangalore and SkDash who have made money.

The other thing I noticed today was a message from Ritesh who is a respectable boarder in MMB. Welcome Ritesh. Hope you continue to post messages here.
V patel
200. V patel  Sep 5, 2011 22:38
sreedhar bhai ko salaam for his prediction abt brooks lab i will always follow him. we are all here to earn money and exchange our knowledge so keep it on.sreedhar bhai ne l&t mein bola tha withdraw kar ne ko maine phir bhai nahi kiya and finally loss abt 3000 . agar kis issue main koi apne thought rakhta hai aur phir us reason hame loss hota hai to hame usko blame nahi karna chahiye bcos no one is 100% right
199. CLD  Sep 5, 2011 22:27
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Ravi, Bangalore

Brooks opened at 110 at BSE & 100 at NSE. where u got 120 opening price. I have been trding in IPOs on first day for a long tine & found that no stretegy works. It all depends on operators as to how they want to trap innocent traders. It seems that brokers also may be involved in it otherwise how the IPOs move + & - 30/40 % since they also get benefitted by earning brokerages & may be they are themselves hand in glove with operators. Anyhow I made around 30 K in brooks trade today.
198. CHD  Sep 5, 2011 21:23
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Raghu bhai
197. Raghu bhai  Sep 5, 2011 20:52
Read 118
i already discribe this is only one side moment
Durai Raj,Tirupur
196. Durai Raj,Tirupur  Sep 5, 2011 19:26
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@198.Ravi, Bangalore,

So there are more possibilities for the stock to go up tomorrow...
Ravi, Bangalore
195. Ravi, Bangalore  Sep 5, 2011 19:05
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Brooks (62) Fair Value 49 - S P Tulsian
Ravi, Bangalore
194. Ravi, Bangalore  Sep 5, 2011 17:46
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193. SkDash

I told you about Universal Law because I don't update till 11:00 a.m.

I take a maximum risk of Rs.1000 per trade & make maxium four trading attemps if stops-out. I shorted 200 shares & covered at closing. My target of beow 45 did not reach. Now, I don't trade for one weak in this scrip.


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