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Sonu ipo
38. Sonu ipo  Aug 17, 2007 12:06
hello everybody

wat to do with shares of alpa lab and ivr prime....should sell or hold.........please suggest?

market expert
37. market expert  Aug 5, 2007 19:16
it will list around 68 - 70 adn will go down in seconds to
60 - 55. so u will be in loss on the same day .

sell at the loss of 5 rs .....below that hold or buy at the level of 52 - 55 and than sell to balance the both at the level of 60 .

global cues r not pretty good . so market will not make a good movement to upwards but it can go down instead .

vikas sharma
36. vikas sharma  Aug 5, 2007 15:21
I Got 200 Shares of alpa lab what to do any one
can say about expected profit or loss or on which rate
to sell ?
35. uraheja  Aug 5, 2007 14:23
listing tomorrow ...
34. kishore  Aug 5, 2007 07:28
alpa lab very bad , be cautious
33. raju  Aug 4, 2007 19:47
sell sell sell sell 55 to 59
32. pramod  Aug 4, 2007 14:57
i Got 1000 Shares of alpa lab what to do any one
can say about expected profit or loss or on which rate
to sell?
31. Murthy  Aug 3, 2007 11:45
what is the expected list price?????
30. KINJAL  Aug 2, 2007 20:15
29. Pramod  Aug 1, 2007 17:12
I Get 1000 Share of Alpa Lab
What todo and on which price it will be listed ?
28. raja  Aug 1, 2007 15:20
when is alpa listing date?????
i got 1000shares alloted....
huff i dono wat to do..
pls guys help me.....
27. SANDEEP  Aug 1, 2007 10:17
26. elan  Jul 30, 2007 17:17
when will be the listing date for alpa?
25. tanushri  Jul 21, 2007 17:11

If cannot take risk, then go for stop payment of the cheque.
24. Vikram  Jul 16, 2007 02:36
Financial Express Report

Alpa Laboratories is in the business of manufacturing pharmaceutical formulations, ethical drugs, generic drugs, over the counter (OTC) drugs and veterinary products in various dosages and forms. Apart from catering to formidable domestic players like Cipla, Zydus Cadila, Lupin, and Glenmark, the company also exports to countries like Iran, Iraq, Nigeria and Sri Lanka. It has categorised its business into four major divisions: generics, veterinary, exports, and contract manufacturing ( which includes outsourcing of bulk drugs, drug intermediaries, and formulations)

The company intends to put up a capital of around Rs 64.9 crore at the higher end of the price band. It intends to set up a new plant at Pigdamber, Indore to increase its production and testing capacities.

The plant will take into account the manufacturing of liquid injectibles, dry powder injectibles, tablets and capsules, ointments and house a new analytical laboratory. The company, with regard to production of liquid injections, intends to almost treble its capacity to 6,50,000 units from 1,50,000 with the current capacity utilisation of almost 97%.

It also plans to increase the production of dry powder injections to 3,25,000 ( from 125000), ampoules to 3,00,000 ( from 65,000), tablets to 15,00,000 ( from 1,50,000), capsules to 6,00,000(from 1,00,000), creams to 80,000 (from 40,000), ear and eye drops to 80, 000 (from 40,000) and dry syrups to 40,000 ( from 12,000). The pharmaceutical company aims to almost double its capacity of the above mentioned products, while the current capacity utilisation for these products being around 85-90%.

Investonomics :
The pharmaceutical industry is growing at a CAGR of 13.7% per annum. It is eliciting investments both from MNCs and domestic players equally, which have more emphasis on bio-tech and aspects of brand development. According to the Boston Consulting group, contract manufacturing market in India would touch $900 million by 2010 and contract manufacturing in the Indian pharmaceutical industry is estimated to grow at an exponential rate. Hence, a company like Alpa Laboratories stands a good chance of leveraging this trend.

But a lot depends upon the projection execution capabilities of the company. It’s claim to treble its liquid injections capacity and almost double the capacities of various other products like dry powder injections, tablets, capsules, and dry syrups in a span of two years is crucial and calls for attention. The reason being, that these expansions may impact the short-term operating costs of the company and in turn affect earnings.

What is more significant is the company’s ability to manage the sales of the various products. In addition to this, the presence of promoters in the pharmaceutical business, under the name Alpa Labs India, which may result in the conflict of interest between Alpa Laboratories and Alpa Labs India.

Valuation :
On the valuation front, considering the post-issue equity on a fully diluted basis, the company quotes a P/E of around 20.88(x) and 22.90(x) at the lower and upper end of the price band.

An immediate comparison with industry peers like Syncom Fomulations, Parental Drugs, and Venus Remedies which quote a P/E of around 4.4(x), 6.4(x) and 15.4(x) respectively shows that the scrip is high-priced. Investors must take into account these facts before taking the plunge.
Lokesh Roy
23. Lokesh Roy  Jul 14, 2007 16:14
Avoid this one ....
Try other, lots of ipo's are there on the pipe line........
Thilagar From Tamil Nadu
22. Thilagar From Tamil Nadu  Jul 14, 2007 10:19
Any Body Tell Me Alpa IPO is Good. I am Not a Invester & Short Term Trater Just Sell on List Day. Its Good ?.
21. INVESTOR  Jul 13, 2007 19:17
this is average issue, not much intrest seen, one can go
for small application as may get firm allotement, due to aggresivly priced one can earn 7-8 rs , which may not be
great return. risk is higher.
20. umesh  Jul 13, 2007 17:30
pls.anybody tell me can i invest in alpa.
19. tanushree  Jul 12, 2007 23:03
Dont invest in this Ipo. Alpa Laborataries is just taking advantage of the bull market.Fair price would have been around 48 they have priced quite aggresively. stay away from this bad ipo


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