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569. maky  Jul 25, 2007 02:09
Allied Digital will list in the range 290-310.
Kamla Devi Babel
568. Kamla Devi Babel  Jul 24, 2007 23:08
Today I got my refund by Regd.Post but not through ECS,
other received through ECS.Why.....?
567. sidhu  Jul 24, 2007 22:31
thanks vikram. thanks a lot. and varun, your refund must have be delivered by now. if not just wait for 2 more days. you will recieve cheque. and shares will be seen in dp account only tomorrow morning
566. varun  Jul 24, 2007 20:33
hey guy plz helo me out i cant recieve my refund yet...plz tell me what s the procedure to got the refund....i also got 35 shares but still not showing in my DP account......
565. Vikram  Jul 24, 2007 18:50
Hi Sidhu,
Allied Digital will surly list list on NSE.
Check the ipo prospectus at ''.
Bottom of the first page says that it will list to BSE and NSE.
564. Vijay   Jul 24, 2007 18:39
It will touch 400 definately may be listing or intraday
563. sidhu  Jul 24, 2007 18:33
pls someone clarify my doubt. will allied be listed in nse or not. pls respond.
562. Naveen  Jul 24, 2007 18:11
Hi Raghu,
Pls check its prospectus & go to BASIS of ISSUE PRICE.
Its written over there.
P/E should be minimum for a good issue.
P/E = P = Price in Market., E = Earning Per Share
So, IF P/E is high means market price is more than its EPS.
MORE EPS & LESS P/E is always desirable.
Good Scope for INTRA.
ALL The best
561. Raghu  Jul 24, 2007 17:21
Hi Naveen Can you please tell me as to how you calculated the EPS ratio of allied digital services to be 12

Allied Digital - ???? - 12.0 -24.40 - 28.53
560. sidhu  Jul 24, 2007 16:08
wont allied digital be listed in nse?
559. mona  Jul 24, 2007 15:28
Dear friends - -

Please get account so no delays in IPO money refunds and service. It is true that it charges little heavy brokerage but look at the services also.

558. nav  Jul 24, 2007 15:12
Didn't the Refund. PLEASE ANYBODY Suggest. How to Proceed
Applied throw ICICI Direct,still i have not recived any refund
557. satish  Jul 24, 2007 12:12
grey market primium 160/ listing around 350-380 closing around 440/
556. Raghutest  Jul 24, 2007 12:10
hi everyone,

can anyone tell the listing price for this ipo. unfortunately i didnt get any allotment but still i am planning to do intraday. can anyone please advice on this?
555. maky  Jul 24, 2007 02:28
Allied will not go up straightaway from 340, but will start from around 290-300 levels, i hope. Then depending upon other factors will move to 350 or 390.
554. hp  Jul 23, 2007 23:46
Strangely, I got refund as cheque while all my friends got refund through ECS. I don't know why, but it will surely waste my 3 days to get my money back.
strong buy
553. strong buy  Jul 23, 2007 21:03
it will open 340 range & climb upto 450 range check it out on
rakesh shah
552. rakesh shah   Jul 23, 2007 20:39
i didnt get my icici bank refund what can i do to get refund as early as possible
551. nav  Jul 23, 2007 18:50
I also applied throw ICICI Direct,still i have not recived any refund.
Please suggest wt i can do. Any contact number
550. RAJAN  Jul 23, 2007 16:52
I also applied throw share khan,still i have not recived any refund.
Please suggest wt i can do.


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