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4. Rkg  Feb 28, 2015 07:56
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Loss making co. Coming for fooling investors.
4.1. Durairaj,Tirupur  Feb 28, 2015 21:56
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Dear friend,
It has not commenced its operations at all then how come they can make profit.

please don''t read numbers alone read the content also
4.2. Rkg  Mar 1, 2015 08:28
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OK.We shall wait.
3. VALUE INVESTOR  Feb 27, 2015 14:09
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While the pre-IPO placement in October was made at Rs 230 a share, the more recent securities conversion were done at Rs 138-187 a share.
star ipo king
2. star ipo king  Feb 26, 2015 20:32
since company are in huge loss and new ,fair value is 75/85 type
Sreedhar R
1. Sreedhar R  Feb 26, 2015 12:38
Adlabs seems to be doing pretty good in the market and has gained good momentum in the recent year. I think the IPO will do well. Would be safe to invest for some decent profit booking.


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